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The girl was not enthusiastic about the Louvre

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Ryan Gosling
The girl was not enthusiastic about the Louvre

Ryan Gosling actually keeps his family life out of the media — he always shared his daughter’s “power movement.”

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If Ryan Gosling’s daughter doesn’t like something, she shows it. That’s why a very funny situation happened at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Ryan Gosling (41) has on the show tonight Jimmy Fallon (47) gave a rare insight into his private life with Eva Mendes (48) and their two daughters Amada Lee (6) and Esmeralda Amada (7). His youngest would have a “real power movement”, described the actor and told an anecdote from family life.

thumbs down

As a result, the family had visited the Louvre in France – but the famous art museum in Paris could not inspire the little one. “We stood in front of the Mona Lisa and she was like, ‘This museum?'” – and commented on the question with a thumbs down, as Gosling emulated. When asked why she didn’t like it, she angrily replied, “Because it’s not good.”

The little one can use even more derogatory thumbs down, as Gosling later reports: “The real move of power is: sometimes she turns around and leaves,” the actor says, mimicking his daughter as she puts on her inches behind his back turns down and evaporates. As the host laughs out loud, Gosling reiterates that “thumbs down thumbs down” is a whole new level of shame.

A sign by and for Ken

In the interview, Gosling also explains why he chose the role of Ken in the film “Barbie” by Greta Gerwig (38). As a result, the script is the “best” he’s ever read, but at first he wasn’t sure it was the right one for Ken. In his garden, however, he came across a Ken doll – “Face down and right next to a smashed lemon.” He sent a picture of it to Gerwig and said, “I’ll be your Ken, because his story needs to be told.”


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