Alexandra Popp celebrates the 2:1 against France.ADRIAN DENNIS (AFP)

England-Germany at Wembley Stadium, Beth Mead versus Alexandra Popp, both with six EM goals. A good part of the final next Sunday (6:00 p.m., La 1) will be cooked there. The locals dispatched Swedes unceremoniously, but the Germans needed their best gun, irrepressible for France with two lifetime area shots. One down with his foot and at first touch, the other up when his fever was rising at its highest. But for that they are liquidators like them or like Mead to ruin the big improvement of the plaster after the break. It was pointless for them to leave the soccer desert they were in during the first half; They were eventually knocked out by Popp’s weapon of mass destruction.



Merle Frohms, Giulia Gwinn, Felicitas Rauch, Marina Hegering, Kathrin Hendrich, Lena Oberdorf, Sara Däbritz, Lina Magull, Jule Brand, Svenja Huth and Alexandra Popp



Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, Griedge Mbock Bathy, Sakina Karchaoui, Wendie Renard, Ève Périsset, Sandie Toletti, Charlotte Bilbault, Grace Geyoro, Kadidiatou Diani, Delphine Cascarino and Melvine Malard

Gates 1-0 min 39: Alexandra Popp. 1-1 min. 43: Merle Frohms (p.). 2-1 min. 75: Alexandra Popp.

yellow cards Sandie Toletti (min. 20), Selma Bacha (min. 55), Giulia Gwinn (min. 73) and Lena Oberdorf (min. 93)

Up until the break, the semifinals were an anthology of nothing, or almost nothing, coming, yes, with two goals at the break. football stuff. The first two seconds were a foreshadowing of what was about to happen over a long stretch. He conquered the center of France and sent the ball over the baseline. If it was a rehearsed move, it didn’t feel like it. The fact is that this action opened a first half that hardly had any chicha, ruled by fear and caution, especially by the French team.

Germany don’t play the piano when they’re on the ball and France didn’t want to know much about the attack. It was their first semi-final in a major tournament and they made no secret of their starting plan: above all, not making mistakes, even if it meant just getting close enough to the opponent’s area. So the duel moved in a desert for minutes, from which it only got out by three twitches, which coincidentally ended with two goals and one almost.

He, of course, almost came upon a very fierce left foot from Popp, who slid right into the middle of an endless barrier and ended up beautifully clearing Peyraud-Magnin’s corner. The shock wore off until five minutes before the break. Two punches and two goals. In the 40th, the German Huth put in a cross and Popp skirted Périsset’s cover to stomp the ball into the nets. Who else takes advantage of yawning.

Wendie Renard, the France captain, immediately called her team into a conclave while the rival celebrated the goal. Whatever he said, he was immediately relieved. After some pressure from above, the ball fell on Diani, she twisted forward and triggered a final whiplash. He hit the post first, and the rebound off Frohm’s back propelled him inside. The official stats weigh so heavily on the goalkeeper. The first to fit Germany into the euro.

The draw at the bell did not confuse the French coach, who gave the run to the promising Bacha and then Matéo early in the second half. And the effects were close to perfect. A shot from the first cleared Hendrich’s face to the corner. From that corner came a pole shot from Renard which Frohms kicked away, as did another shot from Diani. At last France really appeared in Milton Keynes.

Germany, eight-time champions, experts in survival manuals, however, clinched the final when fewer signals were sent out. Popp was there to knock down the galas and meet in a duel with Beth Mead in the best possible scenario. All eyes at Wembley will be on them.

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