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The Generalitat sees the cancellation of the language project of two Catalan schools as “inapplicable”.


It envisages the Supreme allowing more resources in September


The secretary general of the Department of Education of the Generalitat, Patrícia Gomà, has defended that the cancellation of the language project of two Catalan schools is “inapplicable” given the new legal framework that rejects percentages and establishes Catalan language usually used as a vehicle and Spanish as Classroom language.

He said so in an interview in Rac 1 this Wednesday, collected by Europa Press, after the Supreme Court this Tuesday refused to deal with the appeals filed by the Generalitat before the judgments of the Supreme Court of Catalonia (TSJC) in March had 2021 that canceled the language project of two public schools in Barcelona and Abrera (Barcelona).

“The Supreme Court has limited itself to not admitting the appeals submitted by the Generalitat. We are at a later stage where a new legal framework has been approved and therefore the judgments made at that stage are not applicable,” Gomà has claimed, who has said the court has not addressed the substance of the matter.

He explained that the Generalitat had asked the TSJC to lift the precautionary measures in place in a dozen schools where a family had requested the use of 25% Spanish and was examining how to proceed in the dozen centers where Yes, there was an ending.

“The mess is that the judiciary is very slow and is doing its cases year after year. The reality is much faster, much more dynamic and the judgments come later when there is already a completely different moment,” he lamented.


In an interview for Catalunya Ràdio this Wednesday, collected by Europa Press, Gomà predicted that the Supreme Court will reject other Generalitat resources in September, just as it did this Tuesday regarding the Barcelona and Abrera centers .

He assured that the directives of both schools should not change: “You don’t have to apply it because these sentences become inapplicable,” he decided.

He has insisted that the new legal framework is in line with the Constitution and that students acquire the necessary knowledge of both Catalan and Spanish, demanding “that the language issue should no longer be dealt with in court”.


Source europapress.es

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