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The gas pipeline from Algeria to Spain suffers a temporary drop in flow due to maintenance work


Enagá’s sources assure that the flow of gas reaching Spain from Algeria via Medgaz was never interrupted


Gas supplies between Algeria and Spain were temporarily reduced this Sunday due to maintenance work on the Medgaz sea gas pipeline, Enagás reported, specifying that there had never been any interruption in supplies.

Algerian company Sonatrach issued a statement this afternoon reporting “a temporary disruption in gas supplies to Spain” due to a breakdown on the Spanish side of the Medgaz gas pipeline.

“Spanish technical teams are working hard to carry out the necessary repairs to restore gas supplies to Spain as soon as possible,” Sonatrach said in the statement.

However, Enagás sources have stated that “at no time was the flow of gas interrupted” reaching Spain from Algeria via Medgaz.

Enagás explained that “this afternoon, according to Medgaz, during routine maintenance work at the Beni Saaf Compression Station, there was a temporary two-hour disruption to the flows” that start from the facility in Algeria to the international connection in Almeria.

“This has caused a decrease in the flows entering Spain through this international link and will not stop. The problem has been solved and the flows are recovering normally,” states the company, which has set the minimum flow at 704,000 Nm3h .

For this reason, from Enagás, they indicate that in the Spanish gas system “no impact on security of supply has occurred, there has been no technical reason that has caused this situation, nor have actions been required to solve it”.


Source europapress.es

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