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The first robotic spine surgery in the UAE

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The Yas Clinic Group in Abu Dhabi has successfully performed the first robot-assisted spine surgery in the Middle East.
The operation was performed by well-known Emirati neurosurgeon Abdul Salam Abu Bakr Al Balushi (American Society of Neurological Surgeons Fellow) in association with Globes Medical, a US-based company as part of the group’s vision Expand Knowledge Base in medical sciences through its cooperation with internationally recognized institutes.

The vision of the Yas Clinic Group, an Abu Dhabi-based research-based healthcare network, is to lead local medical research to ensure that patients in the UAE and abroad receive the best healthcare possible.

Dr. Al Balushi’s vision is to establish a “Spine Center of Excellence” in Abu Dhabi to enable patients in the Middle East to obtain the best treatment methods, both surgical and non-surgical, for spinal diseases. spine in Abu Dhabi.

In this context, Dr. Al Balushi said, “The goal of establishing the center is to ensure the same treatment in the UAE that patients who travel to the United States for this purpose receive. This is not just an opportunity for patients obtain a high level of quality”. quality health care only at the local level. Rather, it also enables them to obtain cost-effective services, ensuring significant cost savings, putting the UAE on the map of the few developed countries applying “robotic” techniques in spinal surgery.

He added: “In the United States, there are only a few neurosurgeons trained in robotic-assisted spine surgery. The UAE now joins a handful of countries that have a ‘robotic’ spine surgery technique. In return, we will continue to explore all Options to make Abu Dhabi a hub for medical tourism by establishing model medical centers in various specialties in Yas Clinic Group.”

As part of the cooperation between the two parties, Yas Clinic Group has used the Excelsius GPS navigation technology developed by Globus Medical, which is designed to improve the precision of surgeries and improve patient care through robots and a navigation.

Although this technology is based on capturing medical images and sending them to the Excelsius GPS system; To be used to determine the size and position of the ‘implants’, to help the doctor guide the robotic arm to a specific area of ​​the spine.

The Yas Clinic Group is ready to invest in medical innovations for the future, inspired by the forward thinking of the wise leadership of the UAE and their continued support in this field. Although the group’s facilities provide centers of excellence in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, critical care; These include organ transplantation, neuroscience, orthopedics, and gastroenterology, as well as emergency medicine, surgical specialties, family medicine, gynecology, and pediatrics, as well as a wide range of diagnostic and imaging services.

It should be noted that the Yas Clinic Group provides health care services based on scientific research and includes a number of hospitals and medical centers in Abu Dhabi. The group also provides comprehensive basic health care services, as well as specialized treatment services; Including advanced cancer treatments, unique medical services; Such as: bone marrow transplantation and regenerative medicine using stem cells.

The Yas Clinic Group focuses on promoting local medical discoveries and expertise that address the region’s greatest health challenges; Contributing, at the same time, to raising the level of health welfare in the country in general.

The group also seeks to contribute to the scientific community and shape the medical research landscape by leveraging technology platforms, equipment and expertise; To conduct complex clinical trials and studies on some of the world’s most advanced treatments; Such as: stem cell therapy and genetic engineering. The group also aims to expand the global knowledge base in medical sciences through its cooperation with internationally renowned institutes, and provides local and regional medical students with opportunities to pursue higher education through bone marrow transplantation. scholarship program.

Globus Medical is a manufacturer of medical devices whose goal is to improve the quality of life for patients with musculoskeletal disorders. To meet the needs of these patients, surgeons, and the health care providers who treat them, the company is interested in receiving feedback and communicating with and interacting with the surgical community. It deals with patient cases, complex surgical techniques, and challenging clinical challenges.

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