Francisco Granados leaving Estremera prison (Madrid) in June 2017.Victor Sainz

The anti-corruption prosecutor has presented an indictment seeking six years in prison for former Madrid councilor Francisco Granados for two counts of fraud in contracting and two subterfuges for allegedly irregular contracting between 2004 and 2013, demanding the celebration of the patron saint festivals in several municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, governed by the PP, under the punic case of corruption. According to the prosecutor’s letter, the former people’s leader asserted his “priority and superiority, either directly or by influencing other agencies and officials,” so that the government teams of several municipalities and a public body of the regional government hired Waiter Music, a company that specializes in organizing parties for her boyfriend, businessman José Luis Huerta. For the same facts, the PSOE and the Association of Democratic Lawyers for Europe (Adade), appearing as a popular charge, have sought 38 years in prison for the politician. Granados has already been sentenced to two years in prison in another play punic casewhich was opened by a civil guard saying that he was under investigation.

The anti-corruption letter came to light on the same day that National Supreme Court Justice Manuel García-Castellon issued an order opening oral proceedings against Granados and 13 others over the facts. Among them is former Senator David Erguido, who was also a former regional deputy, former technical adviser to the Presidential Cabinet of Esperanza Aguirre and former deputy mayor of Algete; six former mayors of the PP in the community (José Carlos Boza and José Miguel Moreno from Valdemoro; Esteban Parro and Daniel Ortiz from Móstoles; María Ángeles Herrera from Ciempozuelos; Carlos Alberto Estrada from Ciempozuelos) and another five people. The main absentee on the bench will be businessman José Luis Huerta, owner of Waiter Music, who died in 2020.

For nine of them, Anticorruption’s indictment calls for prison sentences of just over two years, which could mean imprisonment. For the other three he demands a disqualification penalty. The penalties that the popular prosecution is asking for all of them are much heavier: 27 years in prison for Boza, former mayor of Valdemoro and former councilor of Ciempozuelos; and 13.5 years for former Senator Erguido and five other former councilors of Madrid City Halls. Adade had also requested that the PP be benched as a participant for profit (the same number he was convicted of in the belt pouch), but the judge rejected it because he felt the petition was unprepared. Now the National High Court will set the date for the start of the trial.

In its conclusions, the Public Prosecutor’s Office highlights that between 2004 and 2013, eight municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, governed by the PP, “continuously” concluded contracts with Waiter Music or with other companies “operated directly or indirectly by José Luis Huerta to be controlled”. were manipulated using “a complex network of files and administrative procedures, the sole aim of which was to convey a sense of formality and to minimize any suspicion of irregularity”. In return, the entrepreneur is said to have “provided some extra services at the request of politicians, either in extras decided at the time of the celebrations or by providing private services to municipal PP files [fiestas y mítines], good for some of its members who were never billed”. In the case of Granados, the letter highlights that, in addition to expensive gifts that the businessman sent him for Christmas, he organized two parties for him worth more than 21,000 euros without charging him anything.

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