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The Ferris wheel in the Spreepark in Berlin is scheduled to spin on Easter 2025

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The revamped Ferris wheel in Spreepark is scheduled to spin with passengers for the first time at Easter 2025, a year later than planned. This was announced by Grün Berlin boss Christoph Schmidt on Friday. By the end of 2024, however, the wheel will have been rebuilt and will once again determine the silhouette in Plänterwald. The plan is to fully equip the new wheel with new gondolas, because the old ones are all rusty and unusable.

The 40 new gondolas are said to be round and can rotate horizontally while being driven, as was the case with the amusement park’s first Ferris wheel, which opened in 1969. Despite the rebuilt gondolas, the 90 percent of the old Ferris wheel, Schmidt said. This applies above all to wheel construction steel with a volume of 90 tons.

Due to high steel prices, the partially renovated Spreepark Ferris wheel is around 40 percent cheaper than a completely new building. The project is expected to cost a total of 6.4 million euros, with 2.9 million coming from the federal government.

A trip should cost three euros.

The highlight of the new bike is that the suspension is sloping and the bike appears to be floating on a large pool of water, as Schmidt explained. The water basin already existed in the old Spreepark, but at 3,000 square meters it will be only slightly larger. You can take 160 people per trip, the entrance should cost around three euros, which “does not cover the costs”, says Schmidt, but that is not the goal either.

A lap of Berlin with a panoramic view will take between eight and ten minutes, so the wheel turns relatively slowly. Access will be without barriers, as far as possible for people with disabilities. As the first icon of the Spreepark, the Eierhäuschen will reopen next spring as a place for excursions.

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