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The fast delivery service Gorillas initiates an ERE for its 300 workers in Spain

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Gorillas, the German fast-delivery platform for supermarket products, has launched an employment scheme (ERE) for its 300 employees in Spain, where it has been present for a year, the company confirmed this Friday. . In parallel with this applications is negotiating an agreement with another company to “achieve business continuity” and hopes to finalize it by the end of July.

According to a company spokesman, the services will continue to function in all cities where they operate (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​​​Valencia and Alicante). “We clarify that no worker has been laid off so far,” he added. Submission of the ERE by all employees is said to start the process, but the company has indicated that the number of workers affected has not yet been determined. Everything will depend on what is agreed with “the new local partners” and it is possible that in the end it will not have to be carried out. Activating the ERE allows workers to quickly create union representation to defend their rights and interests in a process that can take two months, according to Gorillas.

It is also made easier for employees to switch to other companies in the industry if they so wish. “We have reached out to other companies in the industry to facilitate the transition of those employees who wish to continue working in the industry deliveryto ensure their employment situation is not disrupted,” he explained.

Gorillas announced last May that it had decided to focus its presence on its five key markets (Germany, France, UK, Netherlands and the United States), with a clearer profitability trend and where 90% of its revenues come from, and its activities check in other countries like Spain.

The ultra-fast delivery company fully landed in Spain in June 2021 boom from delivery and competition between new delivery platforms that have grown as a result of the surge in orders stemming from the pandemic. Its business model is based on ghost supermarkets and where delivery people receive orders through the Gorillas app.

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