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The failure of anti-war demonstrations in Berlin: “Make peace without weapons” is blind to Ukrainians and the war – Berlin

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German peace activists demonstrated for the Ukrainian people, but without Ukrainian people. For the second time, the organizers of the demonstration did not want a Ukrainian group to be there because they represent a different vision of the war, a more realistic one.

Because it is their relatives or friends who are currently on the run, or who are fighting for their lives for the sovereignty and freedom of Ukraine.

The fact that they are doing exactly what they are admired around the world for and that they will not give up without a fight already makes them suspect to some adherents of self-righteous pacifism.

Anyway: there is a rethinking in parts of the peace movement, some consider the arms deliveries, albeit with a stomach ache, justifiable.

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But there are still enough people among them who are still caught up in anti-American resentment and want nothing to do with Russian imperialism. A group of Ukrainians in Berlin, like President Zelenskyy, is calling for a NATO no-fly zone.

There are good reasons to refuse. Being against it on principle is not one of them. The slogan “make peace without weapons” ignores the fate of the Ukrainians.

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