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The European Parliament calls for a stronger gender perspective in public policy and better pay for women’s work

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The European Parliament called this Tuesday for the 27 to address women’s inequalities in the labor market and in access to affordable housing and energy, and to mainstream gender perspectives into public policies.

In a report adopted by 535 votes, the European Parliament focuses on the increase in violence against women linked to the worsening social and economic situation and urges Member States to support women escaping gender-based violence and stresses the importance of their participation in the labor market, the realization of their full potential and their economic independence.

Given the role of women in the Corona crisis, with jobs on the front line and in the social, education and health sectors, MEPs call for the use of neutral job evaluation tools to better assess and pay more fairly for jobs in which women work can prevail.

‚ÄúThis would make it possible to guarantee equal pay for equal work and for work of equal value, while strengthening women’s entrepreneurship in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, ensuring accessible and quality public and private day-care would improve women’s chances in the labor market,” the report summarizes,

On the other hand, MEPs insist that member states must avoid gender discrimination in their tax policies and eliminate VAT on feminine hygiene products, in addition to taking into account the gender dimension when reforming their tax systems, pensions and compensation for unpaid care work.

Source europapress.es

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