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The EU agrees to a stronger control of Google, Amazon and company

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Negotiators from the European Parliament and EU states agreed to greater control of online giants like Google, Apple and Amazon. On Thursday night they approved a market control law that imposes much stricter rules on user protection in companies in Europe, as announced on Twitter by German MEP Andreas Schwab (CDU), chief negotiator in the EU Parliament. , and the French presidency of the Council of the EU.

With the so-called Digital Markets Law (DMA), the EU wants to prevent anti-competitive behavior by large Internet companies, to the benefit of smaller competitors, such as consumers.

Under the deal, larger messaging services like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger should work with smaller platforms if they want to. For the first time, users could send messages or videos through different services.

Furthermore, Internet giants should no longer privilege their own offerings at the expense of the competition. Google is accused of this with its Google Shopping price comparison engine. In case of violations, companies face heavy fines and, in extreme cases, services may even have to be temporarily blocked.

Parliamentary negotiator Schwab said the deal would create a “better digital marketplace”. This would give consumers better protection and end the dominance of big tech companies.

The rules should apply to digital groups with a market value of €75 billion or annual sales of €7.5 billion. The deal still needs to be sealed by the European Parliament and member states, but this is considered a formality. The EU is counting on the new regulations to come into force next year at the latest.


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