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The eternal construction site should be finished soon

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Meanwhile, our newsletter has been subscribed to more than 262,000 times throughout Berlin. The week continues with Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Pankow and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. You can order our newsletter for these three Berlin districts, like all other Tagesspiegel district newsletters, free of charge here: leute.tagesspiegel.de.

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Boris Buchholz writes from STEGLITZ-ZEHLENDORF:

  • While nothing is progressing on the roundabout construction site, something is happening below: After almost six years, the renovation of the Rathaus Steglitz underground station will soon come to an end. And there is also good news: All the stores are already rented, because what is being built there must be more than just a transfer station and an invitation to buy. A little further north, at least something is being decided: the Schloßstraße underground station, which still seems deserted, will remain two-story. More on this in the newsletter, other topics this time include:
  • It’s Single Parents Day Soon: More than a quarter of all families in the district are made up of single parents
  • From flight captains to former German presidents: a couple from Lankwitz have been holding readings in their living room for eleven years
  • The ticker: the Southwest helps Ukraine
  • Crown News
  • Now the budget is being made: Report of the BVV
  • Dangerous illegal parking: in just one week, the regulatory office wrote 155 ads in front of daycare centers and schools
  • Attention non-profit organizations: The State awards three properties in the district
  • Dare to train more: the youth councilor advertises for young people and companies
  • The Jewish theater ship “MS Goldberg” also wants to dock at Wannsee
  • March is colon cancer month: treat yourself to a colonoscopy!
  • Berlin Academic Orchestra: Ukrainian benefit concert at the Philharmonie
  • Memory of Gail S. Halvorsen: Allied Museum Shows Aerial Movie Classic “The Big Lift” +++ For Life: Learn to Swim During Easter Break
  • Double good news: football on the Ringstrasse and a call from the office

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Nele Jensch and Corinna von Bodisco write from FRIEDRICHSHAIN-KREUZBERG:

  • “We have already seen some laughing children and happy dogs”: Alexander Czeh talks about the start of the new cargo bike rental service in Graefekiez
  • “Children and risk groups are forgotten – again” – Nele Jensch comments on the end of corona protection measures
  • Call for donations: Kreuzberg association evacuates Ukrainian refugees stranded in Moldova
  • 6,000 signatures against Karstadt conversion plans at Hermannplatz
  • The district budget decided: What about the playgrounds?
  • We continue with the “Xhain Terraces” – Applications can be submitted until mid-May
  • Overnight weekend closure of the Oberbaumbrücke to protect cycle paths
  • “The immensity of the world”: Angelika Arendt in the old fire station
  • “No Corona, No Cry”: Documentary theater mocks conspiracy theorists
  • New at BVV: Anika Wiest wants to advance in the digitization of the administration

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Christian Hönicke writes from the PANKOW district (with Prenzlauer Berg and others):

  • Pankow gets a new street: the housing estate is built on an allotment garden
  • Wall-protected strip: commune rejects new plot of orchard demanded by BVV
  • Groundwater Concerns: Natural Area “Junkyard” Issues: District Office Takes Action Against Businesses
  • Renovations costing millions: these five main streets of Pankow will soon be repaired
  • Don’t feel like waiting for the neighborhood lockdown: Residents want immediate action to ban through traffic from their neighborhood
  • The popular family center is getting a makeover, but not before 2025

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By the way, in our newsletters from Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Pankow, Steglitz-Zehlendorf and of course in all other people’s newsletters from the Tagesspiegel district, you can refer to the birthdays of friends, life partners, relatives, neighbors, colleagues , business partners, etc. ., or you can also include some kind words of congratulations yourself. Write to our authors, whose email addresses you will find in the newsletters.

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