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The English Premier League plans to return to the five-substitution system

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Jurgen Klopp has once again reiterated his desire to reinstate the five game changes, with Premier League clubs set to vote on the matter.
Currently, teams can only make three substitutions during a match, although five were previously allowed, when football resumed after the coronavirus pandemic.

Some felt that the five substitutions benefited the big clubs as they allowed them to get the most out of their players.

And now the clubs have been told to expect a vote on the matter at the annual general meeting in June, according to the Daily Mail.

Klopp was a key proponent of allowing five substitutions, citing the number of matches played by opposing teams in numerous tournaments, the need to avoid injuries, and player rotations.

“We play Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday and Tuesday,” he said this week. “That’s a terrible schedule.”

He continued: “If we can make changes, we will, and if not, then it won’t, we need to go through the five changes again.”

Burnley manager Sean Deutch was among those who preferred to limit substitutions to just three.

Burnley have played in the Premier League since 2016 but had to work on a shoestring budget and now face a realistic threat of relegation.

Earlier this season, Deitch said the five substitutions suited teams that could count on a lot of players.

“What I said is that it is in the interest of the big clubs with great players,” he said.

“It helps maintain a group that can be more active and more stable, and it’s more beneficial for clubs with 25 international players than it is for clubs with smaller groups like ours.”

The other major European leagues opted to stick with the five substitutions, while the English Premier League went back to just three.

One of the issues some coaches have raised in the past is when coaches on big teams choose not to make three substitutions but still require five.

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