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The energy crisis reaches WhatsApp: beware of this firewood offer



August 11, 2022 at 11:34 a.m.

The energy crisis also reaches WhatsApp. Dubious offers of pellets and firewood are currently circulating in Messenger. But it’s better not to get into that.

Have you received an offer of firewood via WhatsApp? Better be careful here. (Source: HayDmitry/depotphotos.com)

  • With fake firewood shops, cyber criminals are currently trying to make it easy for you.
  • Among other things, they use the WhatsApp Messenger for this purpose.
  • This is how the scam works.

How to heat your house in winter without breaking the bank? Many of you are probably facing this question right now. Anyone with a fireplace will quickly find firewood as a solution. But be careful! Cybercriminals want to take advantage of this and lure users with dubious offers via WhatsApp, among others.

As internet watch list reported, the criminals put a lot of effort into this. So they created a fake store, which they promote with professionally designed ads on Instagram and Facebook. If you order in the shop, you will immediately receive a payment request via WhatsApp and email.

If you comply, you will not receive any goods. Particularly daring, you contact the criminals via WhatsApp, they explain to you that customs duties are still due and again try to squeeze money out of your pocket.

According to Watchlist-Internet, an address used for the scam was “wibois.com”. This is currently no longer available. However, it cannot be ruled out that the perpetrators open new fake shops under different names. You can find out how to recognize fake shops in our article “Beware of fake shops: 10 tips for shopping online safely”.

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