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The Emirates Red Crescent launches an initiative to deal with cases of delayed motherhood for the disabled

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The Emirates Red Crescent Authority and Mubadala Healthcare have signed a cooperation agreement to launch a humanitarian initiative to help couples experiencing childbearing delays by providing free diagnostic and treatment services to those unable to do so, according to the protocol approved for the initiative.

This initiative is being implemented through the chain of “HealthPlus Fertility” centers affiliated with Mubadala Healthcare and United Eastern Medical Services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in addition to the fertility clinics it runs in several leading hospitals located in Al Ain, Fujairah and the rest of the country, allowing to receive a greater number of people from the beneficiaries of all the emirates of the country.

The initiative, called “Together, we give them hope”, is part of the humanitarian role played by the Red Crescent Authority, of aid and assistance to those most in need in multiple areas, and of communication with the most needy groups. , and what is required by humanitarian duty and the lofty goals sought by the Authority, as a voluntary humanitarian body that aims to achieve its humanitarian mission.

This initiative is in line with the social responsibility strategy adopted by Mubadala Healthcare, by which it continues to provide help and financial assistance to low-income people when they apply for assistance. treatment of delayed pregnancy.

The Secretary General of the Emirates Red Crescent Society, Dr. Mohammed Al Falahi, highlighted the importance of the initiative to allow disabled couples suffering from maternity delays to benefit from this humanitarian and health initiative that would pave the way for hundreds to help them. with the participation of Mubadala Health Care and HealthPlus Centers, indicated that those who wish to benefit from the initiative need to pre-register to verify the availability of the necessary requirements and medical condition, and that the authority will cover the costs of the cost of the training courses. treatment with the product of the donations received from the donation campaign that was launched for this initiative, emphasizing that the authority is the link of benevolence and mediator between the benefactor and the needy.

For his part, Hassan Jassim Al Nowais, CEO of Mubadala Healthcare, said: “Mubadala Healthcare is always willing to be at the forefront of supporting the country’s humanitarian initiatives, and is interested in continued cooperation with humanitarian organizations such as Crescent Red of the Emirates to give back to our society and our beloved country”.

genetic disease
He pointed out that it is possible that some families suffering from genetic diseases also undergo IVF operations, to ensure the pregnancy of a healthy child who does not suffer from the same disease or other genetic diseases, which can be achieved, God willing, thanks to the effort of doctors, advanced medical devices and genetic tests for fetuses Pre-return is one of the target groups of this campaign.

He explained that the mechanism to take advantage of the initiative begins with the presentation of an application through the communication channels announced through the Red Crescent, and the cases in which the conditions are met are transferred to a medical committee so that study the case, and then the couple visits one of the HealthPlus Fertility Centers in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.


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