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The Dream of Juanma Moreno

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The Andalusians haven’t changed the script that has driven polls throughout the campaign. Things have gone very well for the PP by deciding to bring forward the elections. An absolute majority is a dream, the best result that could be sought in just three years with low-intensity government action.

The PP has become the new useful voice for Andalusians and Andalusians, which has managed to position Moreno Bonilla as a center-moderate man, prompting him to broaden his center-left electoral base. Not only has he completely swallowed up his dedicated government partner, Ciudadanos, but he has also been fishing for Socialist Party votes in the traditional fishing grounds, the agro-towns that bring you closer to absolute majorities in Andalusia.

He was right to hide his party’s brand, it was best to facilitate the entire institutional agenda developed around the figure of an institutional candidate and reinforce the Juanma brand. Andalusians are used to voting for Susana, Pepe… to do it for Juanma was almost routine for voters.

And it’s true, the management of the pandemic hasn’t harmed them, nor the meager resistance, it seems that their poor health management has been saved by a meme, or that their talismanic cow has managed to make us forget the dozens of claims that that trade unions and social organizations have put in front of the door of the Palace of San Telmo almost every week.

For the PSOE, falling below one million votes in regional elections puts them in a complicated internal situation, although what happened in Andalusia may by no means be a point of reference for the rest of the electoral events, no matter how much analysts from Despeñaperros to above believe it. Given the results, Socialist Pride seems to have come too late.

These elections also served to mark the death of Ciudadanos as at least a sign, although whether or not their human capital will end up in the open arms of the PP remains to be seen.

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The left of Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía tried the impossible: that the workers’ vote, the multiple vote, the feminist, the Andalusian vote would turn the polls upside down, but not even the grace of the Cadiz Carnival, which was also invited Elections, he managed to turn the desire into reality.

Turnout has also taken part in these elections, one of the lowest in history, a new political party that has also presented and will do so more and more in election cycles. The level of disenchantment with politics, the sparse stock of political parties and this constantly running anti-democratic fan show that we are either serious about regaining the respect of politics or that we will soon have to exercise the right to vote. an obligation.

But despite the rush of success, the PP should think about how it wants to continue writing the history of Andalusia: if it wants to pass as a Trojan horse against democracy and the identity-forming values ​​of progress as a modern nation, or if it wants to continue its fate with an extreme right with fascist and want to link reactionary values.

Betraying Andalucia always paid off. At first glance we may seem like a lazy people, napping forever, there is an Andalusian pride that is already latent in the new generations, that comes from the gut and that has not participated in these choices between memes or false green has and knows, but without being a politically recognizable Andalusian power. Without a doubt, Vox will no longer play a key role in the new legislature and it will be necessary to see if the Andalusism proposed by the PP is genuine.

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