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The disappointing reunion of “On Leaving Class”

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How to make someone who has never seen it understand when they leave class how disappointing the reunion program is After the lesson in Martinez and brothers (broadcast on YouTube) to mark the twentieth anniversary of a series that is not the pride of anyone’s careers, but was the beginning of careers for many.

Twenty-five minutes a day (an hour in Telecinco programs) which, although delirious from the start, managed to captivate Spain thanks to a cast of young and beautiful faces (beautiful by the standards of the nineties) and bizarre plots youth issues and a “street” language that was real nonsense. Apparently, neither Pataki nor Morales nor Sobera were among the half-dozen actors in the cast who had nothing better to do that afternoon. Not even Mariano Alameda (currently a transpersonal therapist) could (or would) spend more than video. The four reunion cats strolled through the most terrifying areas of Madrid on a tourist bus while reminiscing about a few loose moments of the series between succinct questions like asking if they had a WhatsApp group.

The humblest blog on the web can give you more information on the cast than this eleven-minute special, and Fernando Andina’s restaurant has more veterans of the series on any dumb day than this special. The fate of the actors in the series was varied and often unfair. When he leaves the class he has a documentary and not necessarily a nostalgic one. Only by searching for the whereabouts of Luis Montes (Sócrates) would there be any material. I think Dani Martínez is very nice, but he ripped me off. I want revenge.

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