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The demand that Gerard Pique made him sign his new partner

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A Gerard pricks It cost him quite dearly to have been unfaithful to Shakira, one of the most famous women the music industry and As if that were not enough, the mother of his son.

And it is that the eyes of the paparazzi they take place in the derailed life that the footballer has led since his separation from the Colombian, which cost him his life tranquility.

According to Spanish media prick has a new affair with a blonde woman barely 22 years old and faced with the media harassment to which he was exposed, he decided to make sure that the young woman did not tell him anything love story.

Gerard Pique and the demands of his new partner

The journalist Marco Chiaza revealed that the Spaniard had put some conditions on the table for the woman to continue with her controversial romance.

“They met at a party in Barcelona, ​​which belonged to Pique’s company. He was very comfortable with her, having met her through a colleague. After asking her the permission to go out with her, he hired her to work and made her sign a contract to say absolutely nothing,” he said.

According to the communicator, the defender of the FC Barcelona could not bear that his privacy is exposed for what has not coped well with the situation.

“Pique can’t stand having his privacy violated and it’s something he doesn’t handle well. For this reason, he doesn’t appear in any media; neither on Twinch, where he usually airs, nor on any another channel,” he added.

Despite the fact that an influencer exposed the woman next to the Spaniard, her face is little appreciated in the photo and the ex of the barranquillera tries at all costs to hide the identity of his new girlfriend, to protect her from media exposure.

During Shakira and Gerard They seek to live their breakup as well as possible so as not to harm the well-being of their children: Sasha and Milan.

Source metroecuador.com

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