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The Dark Knight 4 with Christian Bale: now the condition of Batman’s return is certain

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Christian Bale is considered by many to be the best Batman actor and The Dark Knight is a superhero movie masterpiece. The actor opened up about reprising his role in DC. but on one condition.

The Dark Knight 4: Christian Bale returns only with Christopher Nolan as Batman

And that’s having Christopher Nolan, the creator of the Dark Knight Trilogy, once again in the director’s chair. Opposite of Screening Bale said:

It would be special if Chris Nolan said to himself one day, “I still have a story to tell.” and if he wants to implement them with me, I will be there.

However, it seems very doubtful that this will ever happen. A fourth film is not yet planned, and Bale also opens: “[Ich und Nolan] told us, ‘Let’s do three films and get it over with. Let’s not delay too much.‘”

Since Bale’s last DC appearance, Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson have succeeded him. The latter will also play the Dark Knight in The Batman 2. And Bale has since moved on to Camp Marvel anyway.

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