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The Danish miniseries “Blinded – Shadows of the Past”

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The perpetrator is a brutal sadist with the typical characteristics of a serial killer: the perfectly normal neighbor next door, a discreet average guy. Loving father of a young son. Single mother because the woman is making a career in Singapore. Employee in a sawmill, valued by the boss and colleagues. Sportsman, nice smile, lumberjack shirt. Domestic, friendly, reliable. If your child has spanked someone else at school, sit down with the teacher and everyone involved for a mediation session. He jumps in to help when a complete stranger to him can’t pay at the gas station because he forgot his wallet. one named after him: Peter Vinge (Tobias Santelmann). He kills men. Before strangling them, he scratches their skin with a knife and revels in their torment.

Now please don’t get excited! The fact that the killer is revealed in a police series review isn’t a bad spoiler. Blinded – shadows of the past auf Arte is one of those series in which the perpetrator is known from the first episode, a subgenre in which the tension is not fueled by mystery, but by how and what specific: how the murderer proceeds (and what is in it ). . How he manages for a long time and then makes mistakes. How the investigators are gradually catching up with it, with the special attraction that we as viewers know the perpetrators and are always a little bit ahead of them. A good example of this kind of hard to beat game is the British series The Fall – Death in Belfast in which Gillian Anderson, sensationally cool, elegant and in a fine silk blouse, and the charming Jamie Dornan (as serial killer Paul Spector) surround each other in a captivating game of cat and mouse (which can be seen in the ZDF media library).

The extensive forest areas on the island of Funen play a special role

Screenwriter Ina Bruhn certainly had it too the case in mind as she stops Blinded – shadows of the past relevant pieces together in a Nordic Noir with a vision of the perpetrator. It doesn’t reinvent the genre, but instead uses it in dark Danish fashion in a very focused, strict and suspenseful way in the context of a rural setting, as presented here on the unspectacular island of Funen, whose extensive forested areas play a special paper. The cool late-autumn vibe, earthy colors, warm lights, coats, and sweaters do the rest. The serial killer takes on three women, of whom the quiet and considerate profiler Louise Bergstein (Natalie Madueño) is the true main character. She was also in the first season of this anthology of Danish series. Darkness: Shadows of the Past as a researcher (2019 in Art). Everything is a branch of the series. Northern Lights – remorseless killers, who attracted attention with gruesome murders. Even blind It is certainly not for children and sensitive viewers.

art series "blind": Natalie Madueño as the shrewd and no-nonsense case analyst Louise Bergstein.

Natalie Madueño as the shrewd and no-nonsense case analyst Louise Bergstein.

(Photo: Per Arnesen)

Louise Bergstein comes to the provinces from Copenhagen because Alice Ejbye (Solbjørg Højfeldt), once her mother’s best friend, called her. The confident judge, an impressive midwife, has cancer and doesn’t have long to live. She doesn’t want to die without finding out who killed her son, who was brutally murdered five years ago. Two other youths were killed, but the perpetrator was never caught. Alice, who has nothing to lose, will challenge him personally throughout the eight episodes. Local policewoman Karina Hørup (Helle Fagralid), who sadly remains pale as a character, involves Louise in the investigation. Because after a five-year hiatus, the killer strikes again, and the no-nonsense way Louise thinks through the case and creates a criminal profile makes an impression. Overall, Louise is anything but the best arrogant cop in town. One could almost call her temperamental in her withdrawn manner. The fact that she gets closer to the perpetrator than she should as a professional psychopath also shows her to be unstable.

If you need action, this is not the place for you. This series draws its silent strength from the calm, the slow narrative flow, the trivialities and banalities of normalcy. There is plenty of time to look around apartment interiors and faces. There is no sunlight. Creepy thrives in the dark. Since the perpetrator is nocturnal, the Nordic Noir genre literally becomes a Nordic night with horror movie elements (director: Jonas Alexander Arnby), especially when Peter Vinge invades strangers’ apartments like a ghost and stands by the beds of people who sleep with his knife. He is one of those wounded men who becomes a nightmare.

Blinded – shadows of the pastArt, Thursday, 9:45 p.m., episodes 1 to 3. All episodes in the media library.

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