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The court orders the Podemos case to be filed on the basis of Pollo Carvajal’s testimony

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Pablo Iglesias, former leader of Podemos, during a speech in Congress.Pierre Philippe Marcou (AFP)

The Criminal Chamber of the Regional Court agreed with the prosecution and ordered the archiving of the investigations sponsored by the Central Investigative Court into the alleged unlawful financing of Podemos 6. According to legal sources, the court has accepted the arguments of the public Ministry, which considers these investigations promising and Judge Manuel García -Castellón ordered this case to be shelved, closed in 2016 and resumed in 2021 according to testimonies from Hugo Armando Carvajal, alias The chicken carvajalwho was head of Venezuela’s counterintelligence until 2014.

The chamber thus accepts the appeal of the public prosecutor. A few months ago, this court has already examined other allegations by the Public Ministry and narrowed the investigation into García-Castellón, which remains secret and was reactivated after the South American military officer attributed the collection of payments from Chavista governments to previous charges against the formation. . El Pollo Carvajal, who is involved in an extradition process to the US, pointed to Juan Carlos Monedero, the founder of Podemos, among others; former MP Carolina Bescansa and sociologists Jorge Lago and Ariel Jerez.

Prosecutors believe there is no evidence or evidence to support an investigation into the Venezuelan military officer’s allegations. “[Las pesquisas] go well beyond the sole object of the cause that the to what artificially extended to investigate possible criminal offenses that cannot be understood in the context of illegal financing, since this is then atypical, especially when it is not just about investigating various individuals and legal entities financially, we insist, outside the subject matter of the procedure, but rather aims to control the funding of a political party, which is the responsibility of the Court of Auditors”, the Chamber clarifies, as it has argued The reason.

The resumed case against Podemos began in 2016 when a party called Unión Cívica Española-Partido por la Paz, Reconciliación y Progreso de España filed a complaint against the party, its leadership and Pablo Iglesias for crimes of illegally funding political parties. , tax crime and money laundering. After analyzing the case, Judge Alejandro Abascal decided to file it, describing the complaint as “a disorderly collection of reproductions of news published in the press.” But García-Castellón reopened it last October, according to Pollo. The Venezuelan, who was trying to stop his shipment to Washington, submitted several documents to the court to support his allegations, which Podemos calls “slander.”

The soldier was arrested in September 2021 after spending two years on the run from Spanish justice, which gave the green light to his extradition to the US and is currently pending the outcome of an appeal he has lodged with the European Court of Justice, is exposed rights. The American country claims he was tried for drug trafficking, money laundering and collaborating with the former guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

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