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“The corpse of the Egyptian goalkeeper of Al-Ahly” scores a fatal goal. Qur’anic verses testify to the emergence of his talent

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Short buildings do not exceed 5 floors. it looks old Among them is a building with modern paint, which reaches 13 floors, from the top of which a young Egyptian killed him.

However, the young man received a huge media following, and officials, such as the Egyptian Sports Minister, and football personalities from the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club, mourned him, in whose ranks the young man played as goalkeeper, for the 2003 team. .

Last Sunday morning, Ziad Ehab ended his life by throwing himself from the top of the building where he lived, according to a statement from the Egyptian Prosecutor’s Office, issued hours after the accident.

And the Public Ministry said in a statement, last Sunday night, that the investigations had concluded to date, that “the deceased went through psychological discomfort, because his father rejected his request, to marry one of the girls, and In the early hours of this day, he surprised his family by throwing himself from the top of the property where they reside, thus the difference in life”.

The property is located on Abu El-Ela El-Zeiny Street, which is one of the streets in the Ain Shams district of Cairo. And when the funeral prayer for the young man was held on Monday night, the street was empty of any noise, unlike the surrounding streets, which are divided by a popular market, full of noise.

Near the property, 3 people were smoking cigarettes in front of a store. Someone says that the street is characterized by calm, unlike other nearby streets, pointing to the property where Ziyad lived, saying: It is the longest in its surroundings.

Ziyad moved into this property two years ago, according to his neighbors, and two years before that, he moved out of the house he grew up in, on Furn Street, and got this name because of the presence of a bakery across the street. first floor.

There is a great contradiction between the two streets, in which the 19-year-old died, and in which he grew up. The state of complete calm in the first was not the same in the second, like his neighbors and old friends. they met to find out the details of the funeral and burial, and the timing of it.

Referring to the house Ziyad grew up in, Muhammad Khaled told Al-Ain Al-Akhbar that he had lived here for a long time before moving twice after that: “He was very respectful, he had a brother and a sister, and His entire family was known for their good morals.

The man remembers Ziad’s childhood, when he was the most prominent footballer in his popular area, and went from playing on the streets to clubs, ending up as a point guard for the Egyptian club Al-Ahly.

Unlike the last house Ziyad lived in before his death, the house he grew up in is simple, no more than 5 stories, Qur’anic verses and religious drawings are written on it, and traces of antiquity appear.

Mustafa Ahmed, standing in front of the old house, which is not far from the new house, says that he has been in contact with Ziad from childhood until the moment of his death.

Ziad loved football, and he always talked about his dreams and ambitions, but what happened was like a nightmare in the eyes of his teammates and neighbours: “We pray to God to have mercy on him and to give patience to his family, and we have. nothing more.”

Ziad spent his life blocking the goals of the competing teams to take his team to the next roles, but here he decided that the goal would be another one and that he personally scored it himself, so he grabbed their hands and threw his body from the side stand. 11th floor, so that his body would embrace the nets of the earth, just as he wanted, to ascend with his soul to heaven.

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