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The conflict burns in Italian and English… and the calm in Spanish and German

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With the major European leagues approaching decisive stages in the final rounds of their conclusion, the competition is still based on the top of these leagues, and the top of the standings has not been fully settled, or clear in most of these. leagues, which forecasts an increase in the intensity of the competition in the coming rounds, with the possibility of a large exchange of seats between the leading teams in the face of numerical convergence in the point difference between the leading positions, especially first and second place .

In the English Premier League, Manchester City leads the competition with 69 points, three points ahead of its closest rival, Liverpool, with 66 points, after having played 28 league games so far, and with 10 games to go. conclude this day. competence.

Manchester City have maintained their lead at the top of the English Premier League since arriving in the fifteenth round until now, meaning they have maintained their progress by clinging to the top over the course of 13 matchdays and continue to do so.

It should be noted that Manchester City and Liverpool will meet at the top of matchday 32 on April 10, 6 days from the end of the competition, in a match that can largely determine the shape of the competition in the following days . , knowing that the first round match between the two had ended in a draw.Positive 2-2.

In the Spanish League, Real Madrid seems more comfortable after playing 27 games in the League, and crowning it at the top with 63 points, eliminating 11 days remaining in the end of the League, and 7 points behind Sevilla, its closest competitor in second place with 56 points, who fought one game more than him (28 games), which means that Real Madrid is capable of widening this difference to 10 points when they play the remaining game against Real Mallorca.

Real Madrid have held the top of the Spanish League from the first round of the competition until now, in the face of the decline of their traditional rival, Barcelona, ​​and the same of the holder of the ‘La Liga’ title, Atlético de Madrid. Madrid. , and the competition is limited to the Seville team.

In the Italian League, the fight for first place is fought between three clubs, Milan, Napoli and Inter Milan, and with them also Juventus, which is not far from them, the second with 60 points, while Inter is third with 59 points. but he has one game less, as he played only 28 games, which means that his victory in this match against Fiorentina will give him three points, and will push him to second place with 62 points, one point behind Milan.

With 9 matchdays remaining in the competition, the chances also remain for Juventus, fourth in the table, with 56 points, after 29 matchdays.

In the German League, Bayern Munich, current champion, maintains the lead in the standings after playing 26 games with 60 points, 7 points behind its closest competitor, Borussia Dortmund, who are second with 53 points, and have a game less, since he played only 25 games, and in case of winning the difference will be reduced to just 4 points, 12 days from the end of the competition.

Bayern Munich reached the top of the table, starting from matchday five, and has maintained it from then until now.
In the French League, the competition seems all but settled in favor of Paris Saint-Germain, leaders of the standings and seeking to crown the absentee title last season, as they lead the top of the standings with 65 points after 28 matches. and a difference of 15 points with its closest competitor, the “Marseille team”, which is in second place with a score of 50 points after playing the same number of matches.

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