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The comfortable and stylish sports sandals of the “influencers”: They are trendy and can be combined with everything

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You might have vowed and vowed in the past never to wear sporty sandals with Velcro straps… but fashion is fickle and the big brands know how to adapt well to those unexpected twists and turns. It has been successfully achieved by the cult brand You go: they have been producing since 1984 Sports sandals for men, women and children and although they have been forgotten in recent decades, In recent summers they have taken off again thanks to their colorful designs that have conquered celebrities and influencers.

The secret of your success? An absolute comfort and that trend point that allows you to combine them with any type of see. This is shown by social networks and profiles such as that of the influencers María Fernández Rubíes or the sisters Grace and Melissa Villarreal. The three, among many others, have worn their Teva sandals in various colors and patterns (with or without platforms) and have confessed how comfortable and wearable they have been over the past few summers.

Although the price is a bit high on the official website (60 euros for the original multicolored pair), the good news is that the we have found on Amazon in different models and with reduced prices.

This is a pair of sandals with Recycled polyester sole which is extremely hard-wearing and, very important in these times: it can get wet and dries quickly. Its structure of Cloth straps with Velcro with the possibility of adapting to all feet and circumstances. Moreover, on its sole, EVA foam pad which are soft and comfortable to wear all day long.

Although originally designed to exercise outdoors during the hottest months, this type of sandals has become so this summer an essential accessory for style and comfort. Teva’s pursuit of innovation, hand in hand with everyone influencers who have trusted the brand have evolved their designs by, for example, platform modelsor the redesign of its icon mountain modelsperfect for long walks or water and outdoor sports.

Trend and popular among its users

If the multicolored model swept sales in recent months, then its plain versions (in white or black) have long been successful and have already accumulated more than 3,300 reviews on Amazon and a rating of 4.6 out of five stars. Also, they are registering their historical minimum price right now. Here’s what those who have already tried it and added to their summer essentials wardrobe are saying:

“Big. I bought them because I couldn’t wear any other shoes due to foot surgery and it turns out they are so comfortable that I don’t want to take them off. They are also a trend this summer, all fashion stores bring similar ones Versions out.Very good quality of the EVA rubber of the sole”.

“I put them on at the beginning of summer and don’t take them off until the last day. They are super versatile, they are suitable for the beach as well as for walks or wear them with jeans. Very comfortable, I came to do 10km with them and not a scratch. The perfect sandal for me.”

“The first Tevas I bought were black, I put them on one day and fell in love. I bought them for my beach vacation but now I wear them a lot…even when I’m not going to the beach. I would wear them every day because they are very comfortable…now I bought the colored ones to vary it up a bit and I plan to buy some more, maybe sturdier with a grippy sole for a walk.”

“I bought this brand because they told me very well about it. I had used others but I was never 100% happy as they either hurt me or didn’t last as long as expected. I bought them and after 10 days in the Pyrenees I can say they fit like a glove. They can get wet, they don’t deform, they withstand any terrain. you are over Highly recommended!”

Other success models

Although the most colorful version has conquered the influencers, there are countless models from the brand that better suit your style or the use you want to give them. These are the bestsellers:

Teva Original white or black

The most iconic model in its best-selling colors: white or black (also available with characteristic ethnic print. Now with a 16% discount.

Teva Midform Universal with platform

Available in colors, black or other prints, this platform version is ideal for those who want to lift a few inches and walk comfortably. They have nearly 2,000 reviews.

Teva W Hurricane for trekking

With a sole with better traction, prepared for hiking in the mountains or on specific terrain, this version is chosen by the most athletic. Also available in various solid colors and patterns.

*All purchase prices contained in this article are as of June 21, 2022.

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