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The CNSE Foundation publishes a sign language guide to prevent gambling addiction at an early age

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The CNSE Foundation for Breaking Down Communication Barriers has launched “Gambling and Betting”, a bilingual guide in Spanish sign language and written language, intended to warn of the dangers of uncontrolled gambling at a young age.

“What starts as entertainment can turn into compulsive behavior,” says the organization that produced the guide, aimed at families with deaf children ages 6 to 12. There is a need for the CNSE Foundation to provide accessible information to deaf people and their families about how gambling and betting work, and how the mind and emotions operate in gaming.

“We must not forget that the isolation and barriers to communication and access to education that many deaf minors suffer can lead them to situations of anxiety, stress and depression that encourage gambling addiction, which must be avoided at all costs ‘ the organization warns. Coast”.

In this sense, he explained that “gambling and betting” will help make the little ones aware of a reality that affects thousands of teenagers and young people in Spain, providing their parents with resources that will allow them to know risk factors identify and prevent them from going further. “Gambling addiction is a disease that not only damages social and family relationships, but also seriously affects the educational, personal and professional careers of those affected,” he said.

He concluded by stating that the CNSE Foundation has received funding from the government delegation to the National Drugs Plan to produce this guide, available in web format.

Source europapress.es

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