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The CNMC simplifies the procedures for awarding contracts for self-consumption of electricity in Spain



The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) has adapted a series of measures that simplify the procedures for awarding contracts for self-consumption of electricity in Spain, with the aim of promoting the entry of renewable energies, the decarbonization of the economy and competition in the to promote retail market.

In particular, the regulator has simplified the administrative procedures related to contracting, billing and entitlements for low-power self-consumption and collective self-consumption.

Royal Decree 244/2019, which regulates the administrative, technical and economic conditions of self-consumption of electrical energy, established that the CNMC had to adapt the communication formats and protocols in force within a maximum period of three months from their publication on self-consumption of electricity.

To fulfill this mandate, the panel led by Cani Fern√°ndez collaborated with the representatives of the electricity sector and the autonomous communities, adapting the current communication formats in order to allow the evolution of the regulations.

The CNMC indicated that three years later, and once sufficient operational experience is available, “it was possible to improve the regulation of these processes to try to avoid certain identified bottlenecks”.

Thus, the resolution introduces the measures agreed in working groups led by the CNMC and made up of traders, marketers, consumer associations and public administrations (AAPP).


Under the agreed measures, the contracting of self-consumption (low voltage) may be carried out via two alternative contracting channels.

A first path, currently valid for low-voltage installations with an installed power of less than 100 kW, starting with the Electrical Installation Certificate (CIE) presented to the autonomous community or city for processing.

Next, this administration sends the information to the trader and the trader to the marketer. Once the consumer is satisfied with the technical information, the marketer requests the self-consumption contract from the distributor, who starts the billing and billing process.

A second way using the traditional contract channels, with direct interaction between marketer and dealer. It is widely used among electrical agents for larger installations.

It starts with the marketer asking the retailer to allocate their own consumption, accompanied by the completed CIE, so that they can start measuring and billing the toll. This path, which is already in force for other systems, is extended with the CNMC resolution to all self-consumption systems, whether large or small.


In these cases, the agency adds, the contracting process for collective self-consumption will be improved. It will be allowed to start the process with a few supply points, so that new points can be gradually picked up. In this sense, the decision facilitates the switch from individual to collective self-consumption.

In short, the resolution improves the technical process of communication formats and protocols between traders and marketers in relation to contracting, invoicing and self-consumption billing.

This resolution has been subject to a mandatory consultation process through the CNMC website and the Electricity Advisory Council. He was also presented with a report from the Minister of Energy.


Source europapress.es

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