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THE classic: 3 style ideas with a black blazer

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A black blazer is one of the fashion basics that every person should have in their wardrobe. It has long since abandoned its bourgeois image. How can you combine it – from casual to chic? We will show you.

The black blazer is so versatile we never have to take it off again. Only to change our outfit around her. The classic is so popular for a good reason and can hardly be replaced: you can wear it during the day in the office, in the evening over your chic dress at dinner or during a visit to the cafe with your best friend with jeans and sandals. sneakers. In short: a black blazer always works! We have three possible styling ideas for you and some great trendy examples.

Black blazer: 3 style ideas for a perfect look with THE classic

Style 1: Black oversized blazer for a casual office outfit

Still awake Oversized jacket at the top of our favorites list. You can never go wrong with an oversized black blazer. Thanks to its wide cut, it can be wonderfully combined: both with narrow business trousers and with wide, ripped jeans. A good compromise – and therefore perfect for the office – is this outfit with a simple, White Tshirt and a dark jeans. You can do this at will, for example Low Heel Strappy Shoes (also very popular at the moment) or a cool couple sneakers wear.

Styling 2: The perfect style break – the combination of a blazer and shorts

Well, this outfit is probably totally unsuitable for many office jobs. But in your spare time, fortunately, only your taste decides what you wear. On the streets and digital catwalks of the world (we’re talking about Instagram and Co.), you see the combination again and again: the black blazer, which gives an otherwise very sporty look a strong update of elegance . If you are (re-)starting in the business of cycling shorts, you can initially opt for a classic tone-on-tone combination and keep the outfit entirely in black. If you like color, you can also let off steam with the matching shorts and top. The black blazer then brings the necessary calm to the look. Which variant is your favorite? We opted for the colored variant. And it goes like this:

We choose again Oversized jacket, because it creates a great contrast with the tight shorts and the top. one for that luminous pants and a matching crop top sports top. This gives extra visual appeal. With this look you can also choose to wear one White blouse to catch. Also a very popular pair platform loafers and the look is perfect for a walk around town, a trip to the cafe or a leisurely stroll.

Style 3: long skirt or long dress with a blazer – for girls and business women

This jumpsuit is also an outfit to fall in love with. Not least because we can, for example, save our favorite thin summer dresses or skirts for fall or even winter. Especially if the black velvet blazer is. But that’s not all: the look works just as well with heavier and darker fabrics from the fall and winter collection. Wide skirts and Dresses we find it particularly beautiful with black blazers, whether the blazer is oversized or fitted. For that we need one cool belt, which is tied around the outside of the blazer – keyword: to evoke a silhouette. Depending on the weather we combine it boots Where open shoes with a small heel and our feel-good look for every situation is ready.

Have fun styling your hair!

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