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The city council is suing the cancellation of the license of the ghost kitchens in front of a school in Madrid

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Madrid City Council will appeal the cancellation of the municipal license granted to a dozen ghost kitchens that stand next to a public school in the Arganzuela district. On May 22, the controversial Administrative Court No. 3 annulled the license to operate the ship at Calle de Alejandro Ferrant No. 8 next to the Miguel de Unamuno school. The consistory has now announced that it will appeal against this verdict “because the legal service advises it”. “The decision is based on two fundamental points: the environmental report given by the judge [que carece] it was not necessary, according to all municipal reports, and the statutory one, which also indicates it is missing, is on record. Therefore, for reasons of legal certainty, the lawyers recommend that we resort to it,” municipal sources explain.

It is a jug of cold water for the families of the students of this kindergarten and elementary school, who, ignoring the inconvenience caused by the activity of these companies, decided to go to court last year. Those affected list the problems: noise, exhaust fumes, the risk of being run over, smells of fried food, garbage… After hearing about the judge’s verdict last week, they celebrated their victory. “I rescind the contested decision for non-conformity with the law,” read those affected happily. What that document annulled was the city council’s approval for the Ghost Kitchens to begin operations for non-compliance with city planning regulations. In addition to waste, noise pollution and the effects of catering establishments on urban mobility, there is no environmental impact assessment and no legal one.

For seven days, those affected have posted videos on social networks to urge the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, not to appeal. But what they feared happened in the end. “The families are deeply disappointed by this decision, which compels them to continue fighting a deal that is affecting the well-being of 900 minors, their families and hundreds of residents of the Delicias neighborhood,” the Association of Mothers and Fathers said in a statement Statement on Tuesday by students of the school.

The council advises that “the entire license is being reviewed as there are doubts about the history of the site if there may have been a change of use in the 1960s. All documentation will be reviewed and if this change of use is found to have existed then the license will be revoked.” The kitchens became operational in September, coinciding with the start of the school year. And the problems in the neighborhood gradually increased. Added to this is the smell of fried food that floods the schoolyard, which shares a wall with the ship. However, what worries parents most is the road safety that children face as they enter and exit their classrooms. due to the large number of motorcycle suppliers.

“With this decision, the city council is defending a family-free city model and delivering on its commitments to promote safe school environments,” say those affected. And like they did a year ago when they started their fight to have these stores closed, they opened one crowdfunding to pay for the second phase of the court case.

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