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The Chilean opposition is calling on the government to strengthen police forces amid exodus of agents

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Opposition parliamentarians this Saturday called on the Chilean government to take measures to strengthen the police force in order to promote “consistency” among agents.

The opposition has therefore pushed for the adoption of “a plan that will allow officials to remain in the institution” and thus put an end to the “insecurity they have created about the carabineros”, reported the newspaper La Third’ .

The body of the carabineros is on “alert”: they have begun a massive voluntary exodus. There have been more than 700 voluntary departures since the beginning of the year, while there have been 560 casualties in the first months of 2021, the above media has learned.

Institutional insecurity, excessive workload and the availability of the private labor market stand out among the reasons for the withdrawal of agents.

MEPs have accused the current government of Gabriel Boric of lacking political executive support for the institution.

“This is the zero result of the political support that this government has given to the Carabineros,” said Independent Democratic Union (UDI) MPs Jorge Alessandre and Cristhian Moreira.

Evópoli MP Francisco Undurraga has also criticized the situation as representing “the lack of profound changes in the institution”. He has also asked for “greater guarantees” to avoid a major “deficit of police officers on the streets”.

Several MPs from the Socialist Party have expressed their concern. “This fact is contrary to what we have asked the government to do: strengthen the rule of law,” said Marcos Ilabaca, who has called for “strong support, not just in words but in reality, to reverse this worrying situation.” .

Jaime Naranjo, also a socialist, believes that a large proportion of the voluntary casualties are due to the fact that the carabineros are “tired of the high command committing abuses and abuses and abusing economic resources while they are exposed in the streets” .

Source europapress.es

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