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The camera of this “smartphone” is pure magic

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Mobile photography has become a genre with its own identity. The ease of reaching into your pocket and taking out your phone to immortalize a moment — either to remember later or share it on social media — has pushed traditional SLR and compact cameras to the bottom of the drawer. Self-portraits also have a lot to offer mistake We live immersed in the era: this new direction selfie, a trend that is difficult to resist.

When buying new smartphone Unsurprisingly, cameras (and their many features) are gaining ground as a strong selling point. The type of lens, its possibilities or the quality of the images are carefully compared and evaluated. And they’re not just being judged for taking photos, but also for their video-capturing skills. Overnight seems the one who seems to have more or less become a wannabe Annie Leibovitz or Steven Spielberg.

Not all manufacturers of a smartphone In the same way, they react to the population’s incipient desire for portraits and videos. There are those who stick to the record (and then come the complaints of budding photographers and videographers) and those who strive for excellence, like HONOR. HONOR Magic4 Prothe brand’s flagship, is revolutionizing the industry with its cutting-edge technology, incredible design and exceptional performance.

spectacular design

With a 6.81-inch display and ultra-thin bezels (only 0.94mm), HONOR Magic4 Pro boasts a 93.5% screen-to-body ratio. It uses AMOLED LTPO technology, which minimizes eye fatigue and allows for more comfortable vision; The screen also has a resolution of 1,312 x 2,848 pixels, which means that up to 1,070 million colors can be displayed. All these qualities materialize in an immersive and authentic visual experience, especially when watching movies or in moments To play.

In addition to a state-of-the-art ultra-thin screen, the HONOR Magic4 Pro’s aesthetics are defined by its triple circular camera, which is arranged symmetrically. This iconic design has been dubbed the ‘Eye of Muse’ by the brand.

All four sides of the screen HONOR Magic4 Pro they are slightly curved. The grip is more comfortable, as is handling the phone with one hand. No more juggling to reach all ends of the glass with your thumb and compromising the physical integrity of the phone: HONOR once again makes life easier for its users.

But if there’s something the see One of the most striking features of this terminal is its triple circular chamber, arranged symmetrically. This iconic design named eye of the muse (“Ojo de la Musa”), is characteristic of the manufacturer and hides one of the most eye-catching optics on the market

Capture the best moments (like no other).

HONOR Magic4 Pro exceeds all previously established standards. It uses a triple camera with Ultra-Fusion computed photography, a technical advancement that makes this possible smartphone produce high-resolution images of excellent quality, even when the images are taken from a great distance. With computational photography, the phone’s panoramic and ultra-wide cameras offer 65% sharper and clearer photos. In combination with the telephoto camera, the improvement is 160%.

These are the three cameras that HONOR Magic4 Pro is equipped with Eye of the Muse:

50MP wide angle (megapixel) with advanced 7P lens, 1/1.56-inch Ultra HD sensor and f/1.8 aperture lens. Allows you to capture high definition photos even in low light or backlit conditions. With this lens, the light captured is increased by 18%, the sharpness of the images is increased by 8% and the sharpness of the edges is increased by 25%. The photographs are extraordinarily realistic and authentic, especially the portraits.

With the 50 megapixel wide-angle camera, you can take high-resolution photos even in low light or backlight.

50MP Ultra Wide with 1/2.50-inch Ultra HD sensor, f/2.2 aperture lens, 0.5-1x zoom and 122° field of view that manages to cover a wide field of view in a single snapshot. Nothing (and no one) is left out of the photo.

64 MP telephoto lens, with 1/2 inch Ultra HD sensor, 3.5x optical zoom, 100x digital zoom, optical image stabilization sensor and OIS system. This lens offers more detail in both the foreground and background. It will be possible to immortalize small moments in detail, like the butterfly sitting on a flower.

There’s more

That eye of the muse from HONOR Magic4 Pro It adds an anti-flicker sensor to reduce this effect when taking photos and a multi-point laser focus system that can detect real-time exposure information, enabling fast and precise focusing while delivering effects bokeh (blurred) awesome.

In addition to the triple rear camera, the device has a 12-megapixel front camera with a smart 100º wide-angle selfie capable of recording in 4K

Let’s turn it around. On the other hand, the arsenal of HONOR Magic4 Pro cameras is completed by a secondary front optic that can be seen both in photos and in videos (in reality it is double since it is accompanied by another one responsible for face unlock with 3D technology responsible is ). It has 12 MP, f/2.4 aperture and a function selfie 100° intelligent wide angle. The camera also records videos in 4K.

For film directors

HONOR Magic4 Pro It also offers cinema-quality video recording. Based on a dual-chain calculation video and photo algorithm, the terminal can capture high-quality images while recording video without sacrificing quality, which is common with other manufacturers.

Besides, it’s the first smartphone on the market capable of recording Log 4K video at 10 bits and 60 frames per second (fps). The data is impossible to miss: the log format is used by the film industry to improve tonality or increase high dynamic range (HDR) to optimize images. There is nothing.

HONOR Magic 4 Pro is the first smartphone on the market capable of recording 4K 10-bit video at 60 frames per second (fps).
HONOR Magic 4 Pro is the first smartphone on the market capable of recording 4K 10-bit video at 60 frames per second (fps).

HONOR Magic4 Pro also has tools like Cinematic 3D, AI Film Effects and Magic-Log Movier Master designed to create movies. This multiplies the possibilities of post-production to the (no doubt) delight of content creators with Hollywood soul.

This “smartphone” is available in four shades: a snow-white, a sober black, a striking cyan green and an elegant gold tone. It can be purchased on the HONOR website.

Source elpais.com

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