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The burning of the Kurdistan Democratic Party headquarters after insulting Sistani

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Shiites set fire to the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani on Sunday night, in the context of insults to the supreme Shiite cleric in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani, by one of the party’s leaders.
The attackers surrounded the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in central Baghdad, setting fire to it and burning photographs of Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani and his son Masrour Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, chanting slogans condemning this shameful act against the supreme Shia authority. in Iraq.

And the Kurdistan Region Interior Ministry announced late on Sunday/Monday that it had arrested Nayef Kurdistani, who had posted a tweet on social media exposing the site of the holy reference, and the forces Kurdistan security. region handed him over to the judicial authorities so that legal measures could be taken against him.

The Kurdistan Region Ministry of the Interior stressed that freedom of expression does not mean daring to prejudice religious and national symbols, and that insulting them, especially the reference position, is not acceptable or tolerable, and that this person represents only herself. , and the position of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the people of Kurdistan is clear and explicit in respecting and glorifying the role of rational reference in Iraq and the Islamic world.

On the same level, the Kurdistan Democratic Party strongly condemned the tweet by Dr. Nayef from Kurdistan, in which he offended religious references, and that the person had no relationship or affiliation with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, neither closely nor away, and that his tweet represented his personal opinion and had no connection to the Democratic Party, which believes in true faith, peaceful coexistence, and respect for religious and sectarian beliefs.

The streets of Baghdad witnessed tight security after dozens of Iraqi Shiites were dispersed in the vicinity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party building on the Rusafa side of Baghdad.


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