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The Brotherhood in France… founding tricks and suspicious papers

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Two weeks before the French presidential elections, “Al-Ain Al-Akhbar” opens the file on the terrorist Brotherhood and its affiliates in France, in successive episodes.

The network linked to the Brotherhood in France is considered one of the most important and dangerous in Europe.

As in the UK and other European countries, the universities were the gateway to France for the first generation of the Brotherhood in the 1960s and 1970s.

Among the first generation of the Brotherhood in France, there are some leaders who returned to their countries of origin, such as Faisal Mawlawi and Hassan al-Turabi, to Lebanon and Sudan, respectively, after a period of activity in the Brotherhood organizations in France. .

While others remained on French soil, they played an important role in spreading the arms of the Brotherhood and its suspicious activities in the European country.

Tunisian activists linked to the Islamist movement, an offshoot of the currently active Tunisian Ennahda movement, played a crucial role in the development of the Brotherhood terrorist network in France.

Among the activists of the Tunisian Islamist movement, there are many faces active in the Ennahda movement since the so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011, after they played various roles in Brotherhood organizations in France in the 1970s and early 1980s.

In this period, the atmosphere of the Brotherhood in France in the first decades was dominated by North African elements, especially Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians, with the exception of the Iraqi-born Sorbonne student Mahmoud Zuhair.

In 1983, elements of the Brotherhood established what is known as the “Union of Islamic Organizations in France”, which changed its name in 2017 to the Organization of Muslims of France, and is one of the most important arms of the Brotherhood in the country. European.

The Union of Islamic Organizations is the umbrella organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in France and is one of the largest and most influential organizations associated with the group in Europe. within France.

Similar to what the group did in various European countries, the Union of Islamic Organizations in France established a large network of organizations, associations and mosques, performing various tasks; Some of them work to influence young people and push them to extremism, like the Muslim Youth Organization, or to control students, like the Muslim Students Association, various private schools, and various companies and commercial projects that finance suspicious activities. .

At the European level, the active elements of the Brotherhood in Europe played an important role at the level of the network of umbrella organizations in Europe, as the French Brotherhood network is one of the most influential networks on the continent.

In detail, the small group of people who ran the Brotherhood network in France in the 1980s played a disproportionately large role in establishing and managing the Brotherhood structure across Europe, according to a report by the Documentation Center of Political Islam in Austria. on the structures of the Brotherhood in Europe.

Active elements in France played an influential role in establishing the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe; The umbrella organization of the terrorist Brotherhood in the old continent, where these elements attended the Madrid meeting in 1984, which was the first step in the formation of the organization, and then closely participated in the movements that led to the establishment of the organization officially in 1989. .

It is worth noting that four of the first eight directors of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (Ahmed Jaballah and his wife Noura, Fouad Al-Alawi and Abdullah bin Mansour) were among the top leaders of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in France. . .

Equally significant, the address provided by the Union of Islamic Organizations in Europe, during the incorporation procedures, in the town of La Courneuve, 8 km from the center of Paris, is the same as the address of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France. to this day, a fact that shows an undeniable connection.

In later episodes, “Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya” presents the current roles of the Brotherhood’s arms in France on a European level and the fate of the group’s attempts to penetrate French society and exert influence over Muslim communities in France. .

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