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The bike lane shines brightly, even if one really drives a lot

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And here is an enlightening insight from Berlin-Neukölln that will enlighten your mind. In the Hasenheide spotlight: environmental protection for Köppe particularly brilliant in Berlin.

The light in the dark park will soon be controlled there in a Berlin pilot project. The Tagesspiegel district newsletter reported on this this week. And this is how it works, Felix Reifschneider, FDP, learned in a written question in the House of Representatives from Secretary of State Meike Niedbal, Green: “The lights in Hasenheide will communicate with each other and will be equipped with modern sensor technology”, says the plans

And more: “If a radar sensor (range up to 100 m) detects a movement, it can record the location, speed and size of the moving object. From this, the system determines if it is a user of the route and which lights are on the intended route and changes these lights accordingly. If the person has left the lighted area, the system dims after a certain cool down time.”

Does that sound creepy? It has nothing to do with the dazzling Hollywood-style protagonism, but with the useless light pollution of Berlin’s parks. First, the power consumption is adjusted. Secondly, the influence of light pollution on insects in semi-natural spaces and green areas (“especially in the early hours of the morning on weekdays”) is considerably reduced.

According to “BZ”, the route of the pilot project is the cycle path between Graefekiez (Hasenheide street) and Boddinkiez (Columbiadamm). Cost: 1.1 million euros.

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