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“The biggest challenge I’ve ever had to face”

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Rachel Brosnahan Credit: Bang Showbiz

Whether it’s ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ or ‘House of Cards,’ actress Rachel Brosnahan has proven over the past few years through her performances in blockbusters and blockbuster shows that she can keep up with the big boys.

So it’s no surprise that the 31-year-old actor was cast in the thriller ‘The Spy’ (to be seen on Sky Ticket) alongside British superstar Benedict Cumberbatch.

A great honor, but also a huge challenge. Speaking to ‘Prisma’, Brosnahan admitted: “It was very hard. For example, I had to learn to use weapons and shoot correctly for the film. I only have a gun in my hand once or twice in my life. I had no idea how loud it was going to be on set. I really jumped, it wasn’t acting.” Has Brosnahan liked handling weapons? Otherwise! The actress clarified, “Anyway, we already have a difficult relationship with guns in America. Personally, I have no need and would be too nervous to have a gun. There are too many people who accidentally seriously hurt themselves or others.” . I can do without that danger!” Not only working with guns, but also working with real babies made Brosnahan nervous on the set of ‘The Spy.’ She told Prisma, “It was the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. . Babies don’t know they are part of a movie set. They are unpredictable, they laugh and cry when they want. It was very difficult to be sure” scenes in the can. But we managed it somehow!

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