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The best way to keep flowers fresh.

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Flowers are a great way to celebrate special occasions, but these flowers can begin to wilt within a few days. So how can you make your flowers last longer?
The experts at Pro Flowers conducted a study where they tested a variety of methods and tricks that are said to preserve flowers, and one trick that many don’t know about is the best for preserving flowers for as long as possible.

According to the study, putting flowers in the refrigerator overnight is the “best” way to keep them alive longer.

And while the idea of ​​putting your vase in the fridge when you go to bed may sound weird, there’s a reason flowers thrive in cooler temperatures, and cooler temperatures are thought to help slow aging.

Keeping flowers at a lower temperature can also reduce water loss and keep flowers looking fresh. To store flowers properly, fill the vase three-quarters full with water, and then place the flowers in the vase. For best results, Pro Flowers recommends storing flowers in the refrigerator for eight hours.

In the study, the researchers also found that adding sugar to the water in the vase could help the flowers last a little longer, and they recommended doing so in the form of a soda.

According to experts, adding a quarter cup of sparkling liquid to a vase full of fresh flowers can help them last longer.


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