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The best ukuleles

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A simple, comfortable and compact instrument for getting started with music. GETTY IMAGES.

A comfortable, simple and practical introduction to the world of stringed instruments is to get started on the ukulele. And the fact is that it is very easy to learn and you can already play numerous songs with just four chords. In addition, thanks to its compact size, it fits in any suitcase, so it can be taken with you on trips, festivals or campsites, and accompanies live music outings.

In this selection you’ll find some of the best ukuleles available on Amazon, perfect for beginners and pros alike and packed with lots of really handy accessories. In addition, they are available in many different colors and their value for money is exceptional.

ukulele Martin SchmidtDifferent colors

That Martin Schmidt It is a soprano ukulele with a size of 53 x 7 x 17 centimeters and an ergonomic design as it has a contoured and lightweight body, suitable for all ages to play comfortably.

It features nylon strings for smoothness and warm tone, and metal gear heads for precise and easy tuning. The package includes a carrying case to take the ukulele anywhere.

Shiny effect finish

This ukulele is available in a variety of colors, which are characterized by their glossy finish, which gives them a shiny, chic, vibrant and more elegant look.

ukulele thunderdifferent colors

This is a perfect ukulele for beginners as it is lightweight and your purchase gives you access to free online video lessons. It is a traditional Soprano model, constructed from a single coat maple body, in a variety of original colors to choose from.

The ukulele is accompanied by a tuner, an adjustable strap, a cloth for cleaning, picks for easier playing and a storage case with two handles to carry it like a backpack with more comfort.

Replacement nylon strings

This ukulele features high quality, shiny and very durable nylon strings combined with 12 nickel silver frets with integrated position markers (on frets 5,7,10 and on top of fingerboard). ). Replacement strings are also included in the purchase package.

ukulele Aklot

The ukulele designed by Aklot It’s perfect for beginners (with a free nine-class online course) and professionals alike, crafted with a solid mahogany body that allows it to produce a longer, richer, and purer tone.

It features stainless steel shafts that guarantee longer life and more precise tuning, and a rounded edge that offers comfort to the grip arm. The purchase package also includes an adjustable ukulele suspension strap, chord guide, picks, spare strings, tuner, cleaning cloth and gig bag.

extra smooth frets

This ukulele is characterized by the smoothness of its frets, which are installed completely smoothly and evenly to offer maximum comfort and prevent fingers from having to exert too much pressure, making it ideal for both boys and girls.

ukulele MARTISAN from Neuma

It is about one set to to start learning the music of the ukulele, equipped with a model MARTISANa carrying case, spare strings, an adjustable strap and guitar picks.

any ukulele MARTISAN It has been handcrafted using a very meticulous and quality process, with a curved design on the back that expands the sound space.

Including tuner

The tuner that accompanies this ukulele is of high quality and is equipped with a clamp that allows it to be securely fixed to the neck, achieving a more precise and comfortable tuning.

ukulele tinyfour colors

This ukulele stands out for the quality of its strings, made by the Italian brand AQUILA, with a bright and distinctive tone, very easy to press and also easy to tune, for optimal performance and quality sound.

Suitable for all ages and levels, from beginner to pro, this model includes accessories: waterproof padded nylon gig bag, clip-on LED tuner, adjustable strap, spare strings, fretboard stickers and a cleaning cloth. .

gradient design

The Winzz ukulele is available in a variety of colors featuring its original faded finish and faded black. In addition, the body of this musical instrument is smooth, skin-friendly and shiny.

Source elpais.com

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