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The best inflatable spas to cool off and enjoy this summer


By definition, an inflatable spa (also known as an inflatable hot tub) is one that can be placed anywhere without prior installation: just find a large spot with a plug and water outlet nearby to enjoy a relaxing massage. . Unlike detachable pools, they are designed for year-round use, so it is recommended to install them in a shady place so that they are not damaged by the sun.

How does an inflatable spa work?

Inflatable spas, as the name suggests, are inflated with air; In fact, the central entity that accompanies them and is responsible for managing their operations usually has the capacity to carry out this process. Once assembled and filled with water, they can heat it up to a temperature of around 40ºC (the exact figure depends on the model) and they have an air bladder system that can be turned on and off and is responsible for delivering the desired massage .

Which models did we choose?

For this comparison we have selected three models that have aspects in common such as their dimensions (with a maximum diameter of 2 meters) and therefore the number of occupants that can enjoy it at the same time: up to 4 adults. Is about: Arebo’s Inflatable Spa Hot Tub (with an average score of 8.25 points), Happy Garden inflatable spa court (8) and Intex PureSpa bladder (8.75).

In conducting the tests, we focused on verifying the external quality of the product, its ease of assembly, the performance of its filters and, above all, its suitability as a hot tub. We used them for at least two weeks. The aspects to be evaluated were therefore:

  • Draft. The material used for its manufacture, whether the components are well finished, whether it shows resistance during the tests …
  • Assembly. The ease of building it, as well as its detailed instructions and doubt/problem solving section.
  • Settings/Control. What features can be adjusted (temperature, bubbles…) and how to do it.
  • Jacuzzi function. The number of air vents, where they are placed, the type and intensity of massage they provide and whether there is a way to customize them.
  • Accesories. Floor mat, cover, spare filter… Each model includes a different set of accessories for the spa.
  • Other. From the length of the cord to the power to heat the water.

After a month and a half of testing, the best inflatable spa is this Intex PureSpa bladder; A very easy to assemble model (and very detailed instructions) with quality materials and optimal performance.

Intex PureSpa Bubble: our choice and the best value for money

The entire assembly and commissioning process is very simple, mainly thanks to the very detailed instructions, complemented by an explanatory video on the website. So it is enough to place the lower canvas, place the spa on it and connect it to the control unit that will inflate it. The same is then done with the lid. This device is then connected to the spa through three connectors, it fills … and you can adjust the water temperature, the start of the bubbles (which remain active for 30 minutes and switch off automatically) … a single touch …

With a diameter of 196 centimeters (145 centimeters inside) and a height of 71 cm, this spa has a capacity of 795 liters and an integrated cartridge filter that can filter 1,741 liters per hour and is active 24 hours a day. The material that makes up its exterior is three layers of PCV polyester, making it highly resistant to scratches or punctures. It has not suffered any mishaps during testing.

Data sheet:

  • Material: PVC laminated
  • Capability: 795 liters
  • Middle: 196 x 196 x 71 centimeters
  • inner diameter: 145cm
  • Weight: 37.96 kilograms
  • Fans: 120
  • Performance of the anti-limescale system: 10w
  • Bladder Pump Performance: 800w
  • Temperature range: 20º – 40º C
  • Heating: 2,200W
  • sewage treatment plant: Yes, cartridge, filtration of 1,741 liters / hour
  • Other: incl. insulating cover with safety locks, incl. floating chlorine dispenser, transport and storage bag, control panel

The water takes more than 10 hours to heat up (depending on the temperature at which it was introduced and the destination) and has 120 air outlets that provide a pleasant massage during bathing. Also includes a floating chlorine dispenser, check strips and a storage pouch.

  • The best: very detailed instructions, easy assembly and control
  • Worst: other models have more bubble jets
  • Conclusion: A spa easy to assemble and configure, with an integrated air purifier and a pleasant massage thanks to its whirlpool air system

Arebo’s inflatable spa hot tub: the alternative

As a special feature, this inflatable hot tub allows you to completely turn off the heating function (it allows up to 40 ° C), thus reducing energy consumption in summer. This adjustment is done from the control panel built into the spa itself (or from the remote control), from which the automatic inflation, timer or filtration are also managed. Also igniting its 100 massage jets with air bubbles distributed over its entire surface. Among its functions, an alarm also stands out that warns when it is necessary to clean or replace your filter.

With a braided PVC exterior, 180 cm in diameter and 800 liter capacity, the built-in accessories include a set of patches to repair it in the event of a puncture. This model also comes with a floor mat and a cover with adjustable security locks. The assembly instructions are not in Spanish and also very expandable.

Happy Garden Inflatable Square Spa

Thanks to its square design, it is more comfortable when there are several people in it because they can stretch out completely. Of course, with its 185 centimeters in length (and 68 centimeters in height) it is more suitable for 4 people and not for 6, as the product description reflects. It has 930 liters capacity.

It comes with an instructional DVD as well as a written manual, and its assembly isn’t all that different from the competition. Of course we find that the central unit is integrated into the spa itself and takes up a little less space. It also includes a waterproof remote control that allows us to adjust the temperature from inside between 20º and 42º.

Made from laminated PVC and aluminum, the workmanship is not as good as that of the winner; somewhat noticeable in the joints and seams. To improve also the length of its cable, only 3 meters. However, it has 132 air jets that offer a more intense massage.

*All purchase prices contained in this article are as of 07/31/2022.

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