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The best electric screwdrivers with a wide range of accessories for the home

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We select and review the best electric screwdrivers with multiple accessories for DIY tasks.

There are probably few households that don’t have a screwdriver in a drawer (if they don’t have a toolbox) to tighten a loose screw or to assemble a piece of furniture or a lamp. Definitive, It is one of the must-have DIY accessories. And the electric screwdrivers (also called electric screwdrivers) are your option motorized to make this task much easier.

How does an electric screwdriver work?

With a similar design to a drill, although much more compactthey work with an internal battery and adapt to the different types of screws thanks to the possibility of interchanging their tips.

For this comparison we have selected four models of reference brands on the market; all with properties aimed at purely domestic use. Is about: Black+Decker CS3652LKA (with an average score in our reviews of 8 points), Bosch IXO 5 complete set (9), Cecotec CecoRaptor Perfect Multiwork 360 Ultra (8.75) and Hychika SD-4C (8.25). From them we appreciated:

– Draft. Its size, ergonomics, build quality, ease of putting on and taking off accessories…

– Perfomance. It depends on the voltage: the higher, the stronger. For household models, 3.6V is recommended (professionals have up to 12V).

-RPM. This number refers to the screw’s ability to be easily inserted into any surface. It is normal to find 180rpm models.

– Drums. Current models usually contain lithium batteries. Depending on their capacity and technical characteristics, they offer different autonomy or charging speed. Additionally, some models use proprietary chargers and other USB ports.

– Accesories. They usually come with tips, although a different number and type are included depending on the make and model; More complete packs are also available that even include interchangeable heads. The briefcases for storing everything are an indispensable complement.

The comparison: Which is the best electric screwdriver?

After the tests in which we used each of the models screw into different surfaces (wood, plasterboard, aluminium) and their testing performance at different angles —for what we used when an extra head was available—, The best household electric screwdriver is the Bosch IXO 5. Accompanied by two heads and several tips, it is the one with the best design and one of the greatest ergonomics, its performance is optimal and its operation reliable.

Bosch IXO 5 full set electric screwdriver: our choice

With a design that’s as meticulous and durable as the rest of the brand’s tools, it’s a compact and very ergonomic screwdriver. Her The handle is covered with rubber, which is very comfortable and can be held in different ways depending on the size of the hand or where you want to screw.

In this sense, the lot comes along two additional interchangeable heads that make it easier to tighten or loosen screws on edges or angles. They’re not the only options, as they can also be used with heads to light barbecues, grind pepper, open wine bottles… although in that case they’ll have to be purchased separately.

And that’s it complete sentence it comes with the machine, the two heads already mentioned, a USB charger (a very versatile way of charging it) and ten tips; all housed in a large carry caseand.

During the tests that Bosch IXO 5 full set electric screwdriver has proven itself optimally and has very useful functions: as LED lighting system which allows you to choose between two flashlights that provide illumination at a specific point or over a larger area of ​​the work area, selected according to head position.

The best, the worst and conclusions

  • The best: good design at end level and ergonomics, optimal operation and two interchangeable heads included.
  • Worst: other models contain more tips (this one has 10).
  • Conclusion: An electric screwdriver that will undoubtedly adapt to home users thanks to its smooth operation, ergonomics and versatility.

Cecotec CecoRaptor Perfect Multiwork 360 Ultra electric screwdriver: the alternative

The Cecotec CecoRaptor Perfect Multiwork 360 Ultra electric screwdriver offers a cover letter with these technical characteristics: 4V 1500mAh battery, 200 rpm idle speed, maximum torque of 4 Nm at ten positions, 1/4″ chuck (6.35mm) Hex and Autonomy of up to 60 minutes.

It’s also the most complete lot in terms of its variety of accessories. Specifically, it comes with a set of 26 25mm bits; 2 bits 50mm; a magnetic 55mm adapter; a screw head with torque selector; a cutting head; an eccentric fastening screw head; and an angle mounting screw head.

How are they treated? Placement is as simple as pressing in until you hear a click; To remove them, slide two switches on either side of the head area that release them. We’ve found this system, while among the simplest, to be the least reliable: in tests, the screwing angle is somewhat forced with the eccentric fastener head, Has jumpedwhich is necessary to position it correctly.

This is the most outstanding aspect to improve; Otherwise it is a Electric screwdriver with sufficient power for all home DIY jobs and very comfortable to use, both for its grip (the entire surface is rubberized) and for the presence of a LED light that illuminates the work area.

Hychika SD-4C electric screwdriver: best value for money

It contains five socket wrenches between 4 and 10 mm, a extension bara Mini ratchet wrencha 2.5mm HEX bit, 23 x 25mm Screwdriver Bits Y five points more than 50 mm; all in one compact carry case.

The absence of additional heads, as installed on Bosch and Cecotec models, is complemented by the presence of a rotary handle adjustable between 120 and 180 degrees; that is, the screwdriver itself You can change the design to lie completely flat and thus reach, for example, screws in the depth of a piece of furniture.

In this position, it can also be rotated like a conventional model. The system to do this is simple (rotating the head section) and safe as it is fully locked and absolutely nothing moves when in use. It also comes with one Headlamp to improve visibility Y a back to shine where it is needed and is charged via USB; The cable and adapter are also included and the manufacturer recommends using this one and no other as it has charging protection.

Between technical characteristics of the electric screwdriver Hychika SD-4C 6 Nm maximum torque, a quick-change chuck, a voltage of 3.6 V, a speed of 180 rpm and a 2000 mAh battery stand out.

Black+Decker CS3652LKA Electric Screwdriver

It is available in a variety of configurations depending on the needs of each person. In this case we have chosen the model that comes with a hard case that includes the screwdriver (3.6 V, 5.5 Nm, 180 rpm and with a 1500 mAh battery) and total 99 accessories. Among them there is one 8-fold swiveling angle head which allows to reach almost every area, 90 points, an extender Yesres socket wrench. The charger is proprietary.

As for its operation, the Black+Decker CS3652LKA Electric Screwdriver It is correct and suitable for home use. Its design seems weaker than other options and changing both the head and the tips is very simple: in the first case you remove (you will have to use a little force and pull with your nails) a rubber ring that is located at the top and the head is inserted with a little twist; in the second it just fits on the head.

A few interesting details: The top of the device has a slot where you can leave an extra tip to keep it handy (it won’t fall out thanks to a built-in magnet) and it has a light that turns on when you pull the trigger, and the work area lights up.

*All purchase prices contained in this article are as of June 18, 2022.

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