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The best devices for relieving mosquito bites

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We test and rate the best anti-mosquito devices for bite relief.Getty Images

Summer is synonymous with high temperatures, holidays and mosquitoes. Therefore, these insects use the summer season to bite anyone they find in their path. While some people get rid of their attacks, others are not so lucky and end up full of bites with itching, discomfort and swelling that they create on the affected area; a situation that repeats itself year after year, making the following question inevitable: What is the best treatment to treat insect bites?

How to relieve the pain of a mosquito bite: these are the selected models

Although there are several alternatives (in the most extreme cases it is advisable to go to the doctor), they were chosen in this comparison four anti-mosquito devices: Beurer BR60 (9.5), bite away (8.75), Warm it up (8.5) and ZAP IT! (7.75). Each received a final average score from the analysis of these aspects:

– Draft: how is the manufacturing quality of the device.

– Ergonomics: from the point of view of user comfort.

– Application: whether the application of the anti-mosquito device on the affected area is easy or not.

– Results: Does the device serve its purpose, does it reduce the feeling of itching and swelling?

The best anti-stab devices in comparison: this is how we tested them

Last month this four anti-mosquito devices They have been tested on several people to compare their design, ease of use and the experience they offer: do they treat itching properly, do they promote a sense of calm, do they reduce bite swelling?…

The Beurer BR 60 device received the highest average grade. First impression you The design is very good and so is the build quality; in fact it is the best. It also receives the highest score in the Outcome Criterion because the effect of heat applied to the skin sets its treatment apart from its competitors.

Beurer BR 60 mosquito bite device: our choice

Its design stands out from the rest. Not only because it looks aesthetically nicer, but also because its build quality is the best. For example, the plate that comes into contact with the skin is ceramic. With dimensions of 98.3 x 35.9 x 20 mm and a weight of 47 grams, works with two AAA batteries (his compartment is below) and includes an on/off button on one of its sides. If the status LED lights up blue, this indicates that it is ready for operation.

data sheet

  • Kind of treatment: Warmth.
  • Feeding: two AAA batteries.
  • time planes: 3 and 6 seconds.
  • Temperature: 50℃ ± 2℃
  • Dimensions and weight: 98.3 x 35.9 x 20 mm / 47 grams.
  • Other: Ceramic heating plate, program 1 for sensitive skin and program 2 for normal skin.

Its main claim is that it offers two programs: one for sensitive skin (Program 1) and another for the normal (Program 2). Choosing between one and the other is much more comfortable as compared to the system that the Bite Away device offers since Just press the activation ring what is at the top.

A single touch accesses program 1 (the ring is half backlit) and two touches accesses program 2 (the ring is fully backlit). While program 1 takes three seconds to apply, program 2 takes six seconds to apply.

Like other devices in its category, the Device against mosquito bites Beurer BR 60 it dispenses with chemical elements and relies on heat to treat irritation, swelling and itching on the skin quite effectively. An acoustic signal informs when the heat in the affected area has ended. It can be used a maximum of 5 times in an hour.

The best, the worst and conclusions

  • The best: Construction, comfort and performance.
  • Worst: Although it’s rated for around 300 uses per charge, it doesn’t include a battery level indicator.
  • Conclusions: With a beautiful design that is very comfortable and of high quality, it offers the best results in the treatment of wounds left by mosquito bites. The feeling of calm is pleasant and it reduces swelling by quite a bit.

Bite Away mosquito bite device: the alternative

As with the Beurer and heat it models, apply heat to the affected area to treat the bites. This is done through its ceramic contact surface and you can choose to apply this heat for three or five seconds: This choice depends on whether the skin is sensitive or normal.

The downside is that the two buttons that Bite Away includes to choose between one treatment or the other are practically identical and since the only difference is the interior drawing, we’ll have to be careful not to make a mistake with the alternative chosen make. While, The user experience is positiveespecially if heat is applied immediately after the sting to soothe the skin and reduce swelling.

In terms of its design, the Bite Away mosquito bite device It is shaped like a pen and feels light. It works with two AAA batteries that promise about 300 uses. Like the Beurer BR 60 device, it doesn’t have a battery indicator, but the manufacturer states – Beurer does too – that the device starts giving acoustic and visual signals when the batteries are running low.

Heat it mosquito bite device: best value for money

Since it works connected to the phone’s charging port, the first thing to do is choose between the iOS (Lightning) or Android (USB-C) version of the model. In our case, the tests were carried out in a smartphone Android.

Made of plastic, reminiscent of a USB memory stick. After removing the protective cover, you will discover a small piece at the end of which, next to the heating plate, there is also the tab that is attached to the phone’s charging port. The latter is applied to the stung area of ​​skin, because heat is the basis on which the device is based.

The next step is to download the Heat it mobile application. This allows us to personalize the treatment each person needs based on some preferences. That’s the way it is possible to choose the duration – short (4 seconds), medium (7 seconds) or long (10 seconds) – and apply a specific temperature depending on whether the person is a child or an adult. Also the possibility Sensitive skin reduces the maximum temperature (51 °C) reached by models that work with heat by two degrees.

Then the button is pressed beginning so that the warm-up phase can begin (it lasts a few moments) and the anti-itch treatment can be applied. When you are finished, the heat it anti-mosquito bite device warns you with an acoustic signal.

How was the experience? The heat is clearly felt and the pain caused by the mosquito’s itching is somewhat reduced. The good thing is that the process can be repeated after a few minutesa feature it shares with other devices in its class.

Mosquito bite device ZAP-IT!

Along with the heat-it proposal They are the smallest models and the feeling is that it looks like a toy. The whole structure is dipped in plastic (some details could be improved) and the detail of Inserting a string at either end succeeds: This is how it can be attached to the house key (the heat it device is also prepared for this) and always has it to hand.

If his opponents use heat as a formula to treat the small wounds left by some mosquito bites, it will Mosquito bite device ZAP-IT!ZAP-IT! no On this occasion, its creators developed a low-intensity discharge system on the skin resulting from the firing of the trigger it contains on one of its sides.

It is a bit painful to get used to (something similar happens to the others when the heat is applied) and the results are not always the desired ones, even with multiple discharges applied in a row, as the itching increases in some cases and becomes particularly annoying on the more sensitive skin. It is marketed in a package of three units.

*All purchase prices contained in this article are as of June 20th, 2022.

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