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The best apps for the royal game


International Chess Day
The best apps for the royal game

Keep your eyes peeled when swapping pawns! These apps help eliminate annoying chess errors.

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Chess is experiencing a renaissance since the corona pandemic and the “Damen’s Gambit” series. These platforms attract both newcomers and old masters.

“Unlike many young colleagues, I think it makes sense to study the classics.” This sentence comes from none other than the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen (31), world chess champion without interruption since 2013.

In order to get acquainted with the basics of the strategy classic, there are a large number of applications on which both beginners and professionals can frolic and indulge in the timeless game day after day. Even the United Nations honors the game of kings: World Chess Day is celebrated every year on July 20. Why July 20? The world chess federation FIDE was founded on this day in 1924. These are the three most popular chess platforms on the web and on mobile devices.


Whether as an application for android and iOS or in browsers: “Chess.com” is the most used way to play chess online and offline. Over 70 million users use the site, so beginners and advanced users don’t have to expect any wait times. You don’t even need to register: playing against others or against the computer is just a few clicks away. However, it is worth signing up, because only then can the real learning begin and your own development can be tracked using statistics. Premium users can have each game rated individually and then receive suggestions for learning content they can use to improve their game. This option is available to free users once a day, while subscribers can get the range full set of functions for EUR 104.99 per year or EUR 14.99 per month.


Registration is also optional on “Chess24”. For the full range of chess lessons, the absence of advertising and unlimited analysis of your own games, however, users must pay 149.99 euros per year or 14.99 euros per month. However, the real strength of “Chess24” lies in real professional chess. Because the website and app, users can browse and follow live matches in real tournaments with just a few clicks. “Chess24” talks about browsers accessible and is available as an app in the game store such as app store available for free download.


Unlike “Chess.com” or “Chess24”, “Lichess” is completely free. Users don’t even have to put up with advertising for this, because “Lichess” is funded solely by donations. However, the options available are no less, on the contrary: unlimited evaluation of your own games is just as much a part of the application as many detailed lessons, analysis of positions and special openings as well as puzzles or the targeted practice of the coordinates of the playing field. The “Titled Arena” takes place once a month and brings together the best chess players in the world. The record winner is world champion Magnus Carlsen with 15 titles. “Lichess” is about that browsers to realize or as an application for android and iOS.



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