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The best applications to monitor and view cryptocurrencies and their news only from your smartphone

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The best applications to monitor and view cryptocurrencies and their news only from your smartphone

One of the first steps you take when you start to dive into a specific field is to prepare your smartphone to match it. With apps and tools, it helps you get news, directions, signals, investment opportunities, and more right from your smartphone. Fortunately, there are dozens of such applications, but only a few of them deserve to be on your smartphone. Here are the most important ones from our point of view, of course.

Crypto News App: Prices, Alerts

It may be the only application you need to see all the information related to cryptocurrencies and digital currencies quickly and directly through your smartphone. The application brings the latest broadcast news directly related to cryptocurrencies, such as mega buys, big sales, acquisitions and the launch of services based on them. Supports Alerts or Alerts feature, through which the app can notify you when your crypto currency reaches specific numbers. There is also a tab for cryptocurrency prices. Unfortunately, it does not support all available cryptocurrencies, so for this function it is preferable to use other applications such as CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. Application link.

CoinCap.io app.

It is available for both Android and iOS along with its website, and you can count on any of them as they all offer the same services. It is a platform that allows you to explore all the cryptocurrencies, and all the information about them, from their prices, protocols and places where you can invest in that currency. Think of it as a catalog of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies to explore this world up close. The most beautiful feature of the platform is being informed of the charts of any coin, so that you understand its current condition and whether you should invest in it or not. Android and iOS application.

Crypto Signals Application

Know which coins to buy next, this is the idea behind the Cryptosignal app. The app brings the latest influential news in the world of cryptocurrencies and Signals that can give you an insight into the status of your cryptocurrencies. For example, the app may tell you that bitcoin is subject to a number of sales by some whales, and this means that the price of bitcoin may go down. This in itself could be a signal to sell your bitcoin. The app’s interest in all cryptocurrencies, or at least the most famous ones, makes it one of the best cryptocurrency apps. Application link.

Crypto Tracker App – Coin Statistics

It is a Coin Stats app that we previously provided a full review on. The app offers you almost the same services as the platform on the web. In general, the application brings the possibility of creating your own portfolio that includes the cryptocurrencies that you follow and that interest you, and then you will receive the latest news and news about them, you will know their status in the market and if they really have. some fame or otherwise. In addition to currency news, it first and foremost tracks their prices and you can choose to receive alert notifications related to exchange rates. Android and iOS application.

AIO Crypto App

Or All In One Crypto App, it may not be the name of the actual app, but it is an expression to show what this app can do. It is an all-in-one application that allows you to perform literally all kinds of actions related to cryptocurrencies. This means receiving cryptocurrency news, creating your own cryptocurrency portfolio, buying, selling and investing directly in currencies, monitoring their prices, a good Signal platform and more. You can use this app to get all the coin related services on one platform without the need of any other secondary apps. However, we do not advise you to invest cryptocurrencies in the app as it is still a long way from this category. Application link.

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