Callus removers make foot care at home easy. How to remove calluses with callus remover? And which product is best for me? GALA answers all your questions here.

Almost no one is free from calluses. Basically, she also has a meaningful job. It acts as a protective layer and shields the skin below from pressure points and chafing. However, if the cornea becomes thicker, cracks and bumps appear. It not only looks ugly, but can also be painful.

You do not necessarily need to make an appointment with a podiatrist to act. A take-home callus remover can also remove yellowish cracks. If you decide not to hire a professional, there are still a few things you need to consider.

How can you remove calluses?

There are different tools that can be used to remove calluses. Of the electric callus removers is popular because you hardly have to do any work yourself. To prevent calluses or fight against calluses, you don’t always have to be the electrical appliance directly. Here are the best tools at a glance.

  • Of the electric callus removers is about the size of a razor. There is a little roller on it that spins when the device is turned on. The sandpaper-like coating removes calluses evenly without you having to apply a lot of pressure.
  • Anti-callus socks are available in online stores such as Amazon, but also in parapharmacies. They look like paper socks, contain a liquid substance (usually salicylic acid), and are worn for up to 60 minutes, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. After about a week, the cornea begins to loosen and it can be easily peeled off.
  • Callus remover cream is above all a preventive measure. It increases the moisture retention of the skin and therefore can reduce calloused skin. However, if the callus layer is thicker, you need to combine the cream with other aids so that it can take full effect.
  • Of the maize planer cuts the cornea with large blades. Attention: the risk of injury is increased here. The application must therefore be carried out by a professional. However, strong calluses can be easily removed with the tool.
  • the calluses file is a little softer on the skin and has a coating similar to that of a nail file. just like him pumice it is particularly suitable for follow-up care or light calluses.

Electric callus removers: two types in comparison

There are two types of electric callus removers. Those that are battery operated and those that have rechargeable batteries. Here everything Advantages and disadvantages in one look :




electric callus remover with battery

  • You don’t need a power cord
  • No adapter is needed overseas
  • If the batteries are empty, they can be replaced quickly and the device can then be used immediately
  • more polluting
  • more expensive in the long run because of the batteries
  • lower efficiency

electric callus remover with rechargeable battery

  • strong performance
  • more environmentally friendly
  • not so expensive
  • Only dry processing is possible when the battery is empty and the AC adapter is required

Electric callus remover: these purchase criteria must be met

  • Operation: Should the electric callus remover work with a battery or a rechargeable battery? We have listed the pros and cons above.
  • roll force: Many pedicure devices have roller attachments of varying strengths. Thick calluses are best treated with a coarse roller, while light calluses can be treated with a finer roller to avoid damaging the skin underneath.
  • Scope: Typically, electric callus removers are used on the feet. However, some devices are also suitable for hands. You can tell if this is the case with your device from the manufacturer’s information.

Test: Which callus remover is the best?

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest has not yet reviewed a callus remover. Nevertheless, GALA presents three convincing devices in the manufacturer’s specifications and which have also been approved by customers.

1. Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric Callus Remover

Of the Scholl Velvet Smooth Callus Remover is one of the top rated callus removers. It can be used both dry and wet, has two speed levels and the running surface is provided with sea minerals. If the pressure is too high, the safety stop function takes effect. In this way, the skin is optimally protected. The package includes the callus remover, including the battery and the charging station. By the way: lair Scholl Velvet Smooth are also available with batteries.

2. MYCARBON Electric Callus Remover

Of the MYCARBON Electric Callus Remover boasts over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon. After about 2 hours of charging, the tool can be used for about an hour. Rechargeable Li-ion batteries are included in the price. There are also two speed levels and three replacement attachments in three intensity levels.

3. Beurer MP 28 Electric Callus Remover

Beurer also has a electric callus remover in the program. The set includes three fine and coarse grit attachments, a cleaning brush and a protective cap. Additionally, the model has a bright LED light and is battery operated.

Which callus remover is right for me?

Electric callus removers are actually suitable for everyone. This is because the rollers have different strengths. If there are few calluses, fine accessories and a callus file, pumice stone, callus remover cream or callus socks are suitable. In case of thick and stubborn calluses, it is better to use a powerful device with a coarse roller or a callus plane. However, the latter should be used with caution and should only be used by professionals.

Application: How do you use an electric callus remover?

Using an electric callus remover is not complicated. To achieve the best result, the following tips should be considered:

  • Work without pressure. Otherwise, you might remove too much callus or damage the skin underneath. Instead, gently roll over the affected areas.
  • You can remove calluses when they are dry or when they are wet. Hardened calluses can be removed a little better.
  • The frequency with which you must go to work is generally not fixed. For some, a repeat is already necessary after two weeks, while others still have to resort to callus remover for a month.
  • When the device no longer gives satisfactory results, it is time to change accessories.
  • After use, there will be slight dust particles on the roller. You can easily wipe them off with a clean cloth.

Source used: vergleich.org

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