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The benefits of home automation: from savings to security

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home automation – MADRID ELECTRICIAN

MADRID, June 24 (EDIZIONES/Portaltic) –

The presence of technology has become a constant in the daily lives of citizens and its relevance in all walks of life is evident. One of the most important aspects related to this process of The evolution into the future was automation, which has managed to optimize the capacity of even the simplest mechanisms, reducing their times even further.

These changes have also started in households moving towards total self-sufficiency. And while one particular sector isn’t fond of excess technology, experts point out some of the key benefits of automating a home.

The main benefit of home automation is the convenience of being able to do it Control almost any process with just a push of a button on any device, e.g. B. the mobile phone itself. Turning on the air conditioner, programming the kitchen robots, turning the lights on and off, controlling the temperature of the refrigerator or opening and closing the preferences are just a few examples of the great potential that home automation brings.

This applies to state-of-the-art devices, but also to more traditional methods, such as e.g monitoring the blinds. That Blinds company in Madrid from PersianasDavid.online are experts in this transformation and work, advise and implement these projects, whether for houses or business premises.


The ability to schedule from the mobile device the time of connection, operation and disconnection many electronic devices means a significant saving on the monthly electricity bill. Otherwise, it is inevitable that household appliances and electrified appliances in general will have delays from useless use, which will only generate additional and unnecessary energy consumption.

Frequent situations with the lights, heating or air conditioning on when we have left the house are no longer a problem because they can be controlled with home automation. For this it will be necessary to automate the lights of the house. The group of Electrician in Madrid de Madrid-Electricistas.net specializes in this type of installation and also offers services for breakdowns, blackouts, bulletins or overheating with 24-hour assistance.

Investing in home security is becoming increasingly common in Spain. For now Home automation and automation is the most effective resource to create a safe environment in the home. One of the elements that favor this aspect is the biometric mechanism of the main door, which allows access only through a digital fingerprint reader or through a personalized card that, unlike the keys, can only be duplicated by the security company.


Another great advantage of home automation is that you can easily control everything that happens inside without you having to be there in person. One of the most famous examples are Video surveillance cameras that allow you to see what is happening at home live on your mobile phonebut thanks to this feature via mobile, users can also turn on the heating or plug in the kitchen robot before they get home.

Although automation requires an initial investment, experts insist on it nor does it imply excessive costs. The advancement, development and spread of this technology has made it possible to successfully reduce many of the costs of production and distribution, which is why access to home automation has been democratized.

In conclusion, the experts point out that the best thing about investing in home automation is the upgrading of the house: “This technology will be present in almost all houses, so those properties that have not adapted to the modernization market will lose much of their original gain value and become obsolete and unprofitable products in the real estate market.

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