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“The Bachelorette”: Surprising change for the finale

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The TV news in the GALA ticker: RTL changes the broadcast day of the “Bachelorette” final +++ GNTM winner Lou-Anne has clear ideas about her professional future +++ Viewers of “The perfect celebrity dinner “: annoyed by Danni Büchner: Lisha protects her.

The 2022 TV news in the GALA ticker

July 6, 2022

“The Bachelorette”: Finale arrives earlier than expected

Sharon Battiste, 30, is still busy handing out roses as this year’s “Bachelorette.” Every Wednesday, she must say goodbye to several of the contestants vying for her heart, until she gives the last cut flower to her chosen one in the grand finale. But beware: for the first time there is a serious change for the last broadcast of the RTL dome broadcast. The Season 9 finale won’t air on a Wednesday as usual, but on a Thursday – just a day after the semi-finals. RTL broadcasts it at its usual broadcast time on Wednesday July 27, 2022, while the final will be broadcast the following day, July 28, at 8:15 p.m.

And that’s not the only good news: in addition to the previous slot, the last episode – with a 20-minute break from “RTL Direkt” – will be extended until midnight. On RTL+, fans with a premium account will be able to stream the final from July 21.

Lou-Anne, winner of the GNTM, clearly defined her career objective

GNTM winner Lou-Anne, 19, is the 17th winner of ProSieben’s hit show “Germany’s Next Top Model”. All doors are open to the Austrian in the fashion and beauty industry. But in which direction will the trained stylist go? There will be no shortage of offers at this time. She’s already had a cover shoot for “Harper’s Bazaar” and an endorsement deal with a cosmetics maker with her win in the TV format of 49-year-old Heidi Klum. In the meantime, she made her debut on the German catwalks. But of course the world of influencers is also a temptation. An option for the woman from Klosterneuburg?

I tend to model more. But everyone does influencer stuff on the side. You have to be careful not to add too much. Otherwise, you really are an influencer-influencer,” Lou-Anne told “Promiflash.” Many customers would expect a certain online presence, but for the 19-year-old, the main goal was to try a career as an international model. An attitude that Mama Martina, 51, also shares, who took third place in the GNTM final. The best ager will not neglect her Instagram channel, she assures. “But level fashion, I prefer to stay in modeling.”

July 5, 2022

‘The Perfect Celebrity Dinner’: Lisha Defends Danni Büchner After Heavy Criticism

During the “Perfect Celebrity Dinner”, the VIP edition of the popular cooking show, the “Goodbye Germany – Viva Mallorca” celebrities engaged in a heated battle of words. Eating quickly became secondary. In particular, the 3-course menu of TV emigrant Marco Gülpen, 58, and his wife Tamara, 30, was not well received by Danni Büchner, 44, and Lisha Savage, 35. The two didn’t hold back with nagging. Result: angry viewers, particularly unhappy with Danni’s statements on social networks.

Lisha didn’t want to let this go and stood up for her friend. In her Instagram story, the influencer writes: “I have to get rid of something because it annoys me so much. I have been in contact with Danni Büchner for about two years and have known her personally for a while now. [sic]. To me, she’s one of the most loyal and funniest women I’ve ever met.It hurts me all the more how often people try to get attention by name.”

July 4, 2022

‘Bauer sucht Frau’ Star Anna Heiser Reveals Multiple Split With Gerald! It’s behind it

The couple “Bauer sucht Frau” Anna Heiser, 32, and Gerald Heiser, 37, should actually be in love at the moment: the two are expecting a child again. But pregnancy hormones are making things difficult for the 32-year-old. On Instagram, Anna describes the “roller coaster of feelings” behind her.

“It’s amazing the impact of hormones on a woman [sic]“, the emigrant justifies her following lines. Often she questioned the whole marriage because of a small disagreement with Gérald. “During the first two months of pregnancy, I separated from Gérald at least four times . [sic]”, writes Anna. “In the small problems, I saw ‘irreconcilable differences’ and therefore also reasons for separation [sic]”She explains. Hours later, she saw the world through different eyes and was ‘full of love’.

Luckily for Anna Heiser, her husband didn’t take her understanding of emotional chaos and breakups seriously. Nevertheless, it seems important to the young woman of 32 years to affirm her love for her husband after these last months. “I love you and am incredibly grateful that you are the father of my children and my husband,” Anna told her loved one.

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