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The average expenditure per household reached the largest increase in the series in 2021 at 29,244 euros, up 8.3%

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Although it is still 1,000 euros below pre-pandemic levels


The average expenditure per household reached 29,244 euros in 2021, an increase of 8.3% compared to 2020, the year of the start of the pandemic and the greatest restrictions, an increase that is the largest of all historical series “Family Budget Survey” published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) this Tuesday.

In constant figures, ie without price effects, the average expenditure per household increased by 5% in 2021, while the average expenditure per person was 11,780 euros, an increase of 8.6% compared to 2020. The change in constant numbers was 5.3%.

The total expenditure of all households resident in Spain measured in current accounts rose by 8.4%, while increasing constantly by 5.2%.

The INE highlights that during 2020, due to the health crisis resulting from Covid-19, households have changed their consumption habits, leading to a decrease in spending
In 2021 it partially recovered. However, this recovery was not complete. In fact, average spending per household in 2021 was almost €1,000 lower than spending in 2019, down 3.3%.

The groups that saw the largest decreases in average spend between 2019 and 2021 were restaurants and hotels, which saw their spend 22.3% lower; leisure and culture down 21.8%; clothing and footwear down 18.4%; and Transport, whose rate between these two years was -16.9%.

In contrast, food and non-alcoholic beverages, health and housing were the only groups whose spending increased compared to the year before the pandemic.


The average expenditure per household increased in most analyzed groups in 2021. Restaurants and hotels saw the biggest gains, up 30.6%, driven by increased spending on both restaurants and lodging services. Households spent an average of 2,288 euros on these concepts, 536 euros more than in 2020.

Health with a change of 20.3% due to increased spending on medicines and medical services with an average of 1,204 euros, 203 euros more than in the previous year; Besides transport, the other groups where Spanish families spent the most are, with an increase of 17.8% compared to 2020 and spending 489 euros more, up to an average of 3,230 euros in 2021.

Likewise leisure and culture (+14.9% with an average of 1,294 euros); Clothing and shoes (+14.6% and an average of EUR 1,156) were other strong growth categories.

On the contrary, the only groups in which the average expenditure per household fell were alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, which fell by 2.9%; and communication, with a decrease of 0.3% compared to 2020, with an average of 937 euros per household.

When distributing household expenses, most concentrated on three broad groups: housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels, whose expenses made up the third
Part of total household budget (33.8%); and food and non-alcoholic beverages, which accounted for 16.4% of the budget; and transport, whose expenditure accounted for 11% of the total household budget.


The type of household is a differentiating element of the level of expenditure. In 2021, for example, households consisting of a couple with children had the highest average expenditure of EUR 36,568.

On the other hand, the lowest expenditures were recorded by households of single people aged 65 and over (with an average of 18,964 euros) and single-person households under the age of 65 (19,460 euros).

All categories increased their spending compared to the previous year. Childless couple households recorded the largest increase with a rate of 9.6% (EUR 2,588 more than in the previous year). Single-person households under the age of 65, on the other hand, recorded the lowest growth in expenditure at 4.5% (EUR 843 more).


The Autonomous Communities with the highest average expenditure per person in 2021 were the Basque Country (13,982 euros), the Autonomous Community of Madrid (13,541) and the Community of Foral of Navarre (13,151). In contrast, Castile-La Mancha (9,587) and the Canary Islands (9,690) recorded the lowest expenditure
means per person.

Thus, the average expenditure per person in the Basque Country was 18.7% higher than the national average, while that of Castile-La Mancha was 18.6% below this average.

Source europapress.es

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