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The American group Blue Crow Sports, new owner of Leganés

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Mexican Jeff Luhnow will be the new president


The American group Blue Crow Sports became the new owner of Club Deportivo Leganés this Thursday after acquiring 99.1 percent of the shares in the cucumber company, which is now managed by Jeff Luhnow, owner of the American company.

“The American group Blue Crow Sports Group this Thursday formalized the acquisition of 99.1 percent of the shares in CD Leganés. In this way, Blue Crow Sports Group, a group led by businessman Jeff Luhnow, will become the club’s majority shareholder,” the Madrid team said in a statement.

The transfer comes after 14 years with Victoria Pavón at the helm, during which the Pepineros enjoyed the most successful years of their history, including two promotions, one of them to the First Division, where they remained unforgettable for four seasons and endless games in a butarque, which rose from 8,000 to 12,500 spectators.

After the Moreno-Pavón duo saved the Pepinero club for Christmas 2008, the Moreno-Pavón duo cleaned up with failures in the squad – in Second B – managed to climb to second place four years later and two years later to enter the first heaven. He even played in a Copa del Rey semi-final after eliminating Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu with Asier Garitano on the bench as the leader.

In non-sporting terms, they have provided the club with a sports city that it did not have when it arrived and which is one of the jewels of the company, along with a solid quarry structure and a women’s team, its great asset. In addition, Leganés grew from 800 members to more than 10,000 in the First Division. A record that was reflected in the daily life of the city.

His departure comes after two seasons in the SmartBank League, one of them with real options to return to the elite but without completing promotion again. Pavón and Moreno are selling the Lega after an agreement that didn’t disclose numbers and after previously stating their stay at the Lega was only for a limited time.

The couple, city businessmen, leave the club to Jeff Lunhow, an engineer who comes to Leganés with his experience in the world of sports, especially baseball. The Mexican-American is banking on “big data” as the basis for developing his management, which starts with retaining all of the club’s staff.

Source europapress.es

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