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The Agent’s Cartel: A fantastic book about “Putin’s Net”. – Politics

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Catherine Belton shows how Vladimir Putin’s secret service agents have been working for decades to subjugate the state and its capital. And how the West made a lot of money from it, because people preferred not to look too closely. A revealing book about the Putin system.

The Russian all-out attack on Ukraine has not only initiated a change in Germany in terms of the image of Russia and the Putin regime. In a stunning sea change, the German federal government decided to supply arms to Ukraine and imposed far-reaching sanctions on Russia. This is understandably too late and does not go far enough for Ukraine, which is currently struggling to survive. Since the first Russian attack in February 2014, the Ukrainians, but also Poland and the Baltic states, have been trying to convince the Western members of the EU that Putin’s Russia represents a real threat of expansion; that the ruler in the Kremlin sees perpetual adherence to “dialogue” as an encouragement to go ahead with his aggressive policy. You were right.

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