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The 2022 edition of the Michelin Guide brings together workers in the restaurant sector

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The world-famous French restaurant guide “Michelin” searches through its version for the year 2022, Tuesday, where the ceremony of announcing the restaurants it contains and awarding them stars is held, show the vitality of French gastronomy , highlighting new blood and diverse and sustainable foods.

The names included in this long-awaited annual guide for restaurant lovers and chefs from around the world will be revealed on Tuesday at a ceremony in Cognac, southwestern France, for the first time outside of Paris.

Michelin Guide director Gwendal Pollenek told AFP that this year’s edition will be an occasion to “bring together all workers in the sector”, after a smaller edition last year due to the Corona pandemic.

last year’s mini version

In the 2021 edition, a chef, Alexandre Mazia, received three stars, the highest rating in the culinary world. “The 2022 edition will be very beautiful because it reflects the diversity of French cuisines, but it will also make room for a new generation of chefs who have risked taking this step, despite the circumstances that surround them, in their own projects. . , and we will celebrate this vitality,” Poulenic explained.

He added: “Despite the crisis and the difficulties, the resistance profession shows a strong sense of resistance and steadfastness. This was an occasion for professionals to reinvent themselves in a new way and go further, and that is what we want.” to support”.

Another trend you can showcase in your next release is supporting chefs and restaurants that offer simpler menus with a focus on locally inspired produce. “Chefs are increasingly influenced by the local trend and the traceability issue, and all of that manifests itself in the simplification of presentation in the restaurant and menu environment,” said Polnik.

But the question remains: Has the evidence taken into account the difficult context in which the profession has developed since the start of the health crisis?

Polenik answers: “Our concern is to be fair in terms of the profession and to meet the quality standards of the clients. The standards remain the same and also the method (in the evaluation). We adjusted our schedule (after the selection was originally scheduled for January), but we stayed. We are fully committed to our values ​​and our path.”

From the quality of the table and the products, the mastery of techniques, the harmony of tastes, the personality of the chef that is expressed in his dishes and the maintenance of a constant level over time and the differentiation of the food from the letter… Calendar standards “are the same everywhere in the world and always have been,” according to Polenik. .

The winners of this version of the two Michelin guides were chosen with the same seriousness as in previous editions, since those responsible for the calendar of this guide managed to analyze meals equal in number to copies of previous years, according to Gwendal Poulenik. . Although in this edition information on discounts for restaurants and chefs has not been disclosed, Polenik recalls that “the stars win every year.”

No three-star chefs were demoted in the 2021 edition, unlike in 2019 and 2020 when chef Marc Vera and one of the restaurants belonging to the late celebrity chef Paul Bocuse were respectively demoted, causing quite an uproar in the profession.

“It is important that our recommendations remain relevant to customers,” Polenik stressed.

The Michelin Guide was launched in 1900 by the brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin, and was intended for motorists, and is now published in about thirty copies in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

At the beginning of March, the guide announced that it was suspending its activities in Russia due to the war in Ukraine, a year after it dedicated an issue to gastronomy inspired by the kitchens of the former Soviet empire.


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