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That’s what Sharon decided

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Final “Bachelorette”
That’s what Sharon decided

Why not polyamory? Bachelorette Sharon can’t decide between two men.

© Photo: RTL

Bachelor Sharon fell in love – but with two men. In the final, she must decide: Lukas or Jan?

The final is there and it becomes dramatic. Bachelorette Sharon had crushes on two men for a few episodes, now she has to make a decision. Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen the final in the stream yet and want to wait for the TV broadcast on June 28 from 8:15 p.m. on RTL, you should read no further.

The Bachelorette’s parents and best friends rush to help. Everyone is watching the chosen ones closely – Lukas, Jan and Steffen. But no one can really help Sharon. Although Mama feels “a kindred spirit” in Lukas, Sharon’s girlfriend sums it up in one word: “The struggle is real baby…”

Meanwhile, Sharon is still hoping for a miracle: “I hope my heart can guide me – because if that doesn’t happen, I really have a problem. But this problem will only become apparent with the last rose, because the next decision is clear: Steffen must leave. In a closed alley in Bangkok, he experiences his personal “super crisis”, but nevertheless says goodbye politely and with love.

The first sleepover dates of the season

It’s only now that it gets really difficult. On a romantic wooden boat, Jan and Sharon sail through the Bangkok night for what might be their last date. With so much romance, Jan slowly begins to get scared: “It’s dangerous how bad it is.” After the date, Sharon invites Jan over for the night. The first slumber party of this season. There’s no sleep involved, Sharon reveals: “We didn’t want to sleep, we wanted to make the most of every second and that’s what we did.” The night left an impression on the Bachelorette: “Now I dare say it like this: I would say that date was perfect in every way.” Jan uses the same word: “It was really perfect.

Then comes the possible last meeting with Lukas. In the TukTuk, the two travel arm in arm through Bangkok at night. Although they don’t notice much of it, as Lukas remarks: “I didn’t see anything from Bangkok. We could have been driving around, I wouldn’t have checked.” But he picks up the florist the two pass by and gives the bachelorette a bouquet with the words, “Do you want to accept these flowers?” Moreover, Lukas is also allowed to stay overnight. This time too, “every second is used”, as Sharon puts it afterwards. Again, she doesn’t want to say goodbye to her date. This time too, the tears flowed afterwards.

“I want both!”

The fight is real. Sharon even briefly considered not giving the last rose at all: “I don’t know how to make a decision. […] Because: I want both!” But finally she does it – on the roofs of Bangkok, barefoot, without a wig and in tears: “I am afraid of the moment, he is running towards me, the tears come to me and I realize that I can’t say it because I can’t feel it I can’t send it home.”

But she can. In Lukas, she raves about the familiar feeling he gave her and tells him she has a crush on him. However, “I feel very strong for you, but my heart tells me that I still feel a little more for another man.” Lukas’ reaction shouldn’t make his decision any easier for Sharon: he hugs the crying bachelorette and whispers, “It’s okay, I know it’s not easy here.” As they part ways, he wishes her and Jan the best, reminding her, “Focus on the beautiful, you’ve found someone who’s a better match.”

The nervous Jan also has to endure a little shock. Sharon introduces her declaration of love with the words: “But you’re not the guy I imagined.” Before finally buying it back: “Jan, I fell in love with you and that’s why I want to ask you if you want to accept this last rose from the bottom of your heart.” The van trip, which they’ve both been talking about since the first date, is supposed to start the next day.


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