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Teresa Rodríguez asks to vote ‘without fear’ against ‘Olona’s shitty ideas’ and ‘the brave and meek right’ on 19J.

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“Thanks to feminism, Olona can walk around Andalusia with her shitty ideas,” she claims, calling Vox “racist, xenophobic and hypocritical”.

Seville, June 17 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Adelante candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, this Friday ended the campaign for the regional elections on June 19 in Los Perdigones Park in Seville, where she called on the Andalusian coalition of the left to fight the “ brave and meek right wing,” he pointed out in particular to Vox candidate Macarena Olona, ​​whom he accuses of “crappy ideas” because the leaders of said formation are “not bad politicians, they are bad people”.

The final act of closing the campaign of Adelante Andalucía, a brand newly founded by Anticapitalistas, Primavera Andaluza, Izquierda Andalucista and Defend Andalucía, after the experienced split in said faction, was attended by the autonomous deputy in the now exhausted legislature, Nacho Molina, who the campaign directed action; MEP Miguel Urbán, Councilor in Seville City Council Sandra Heredia; Ángela Aguilera, also a member of parliament in this last parliamentary term, Adelante’s number one candidate for Córdoba, Marta Sánchez; the number two candidate for Seville, Curro Cubero; Senator for Andalusia and historical Andalusian leader Pilar González; number two for the province of Cádiz, José Ignacio García; the list leader of Adelante por Sevilla, Maribel Mora; and finally Teresa Rodríguez.

According to the organization’s calculations, around 1,300 people took part in the rally, chanting slogans such as “Long live Andalusia free”.

In this regard, Teresa Rodríguez warned that there are people who “fear” this appointment in the elections because of Vox’s role, but as she reasoned, “the first step in defeating the extreme right is not to fear it to have”. Noting that Adelante already knows Vox and his political project “well”, he called for “don’t be afraid of it”, which has led him to warn that Vox political leaders are “racists, xenophobes, Pharisees and hypocrites” are that it’s not about “bad politicians” but about “bad people”.


Teresa Rodríguez has been particularly tough on Macarena Olona, ​​the Vox candidate, assuring that she did not greet her when she met her in the election debates and that she will only agree to greet her if she does Groups such as “ask for forgiveness”. B. Migrants, feminists or women who have been victims of gender-based violence, for Vox reports against foreigners or the “denial” of sexist violence.

“Thanks to feminism, Olona can go around Andalusia defending her shitty ideas,” said Teresa Rodríguez, who clarified that it’s not that the extreme right “doesn’t want immigrants” in Andalusia, where she denounced they were being exploited in the workplace, but does not want immigrants to have “civil rights” and decent working conditions.


In this sense, he believes that society has a “historic obligation” to fight “the hoaxes” and the vox speech, warning that “the far right should not, with soft talk or by bowing the head or softly speaking is conquered”. he called to roar “like the lions of the shield” of Andalusia. To this end, as he has defended, Adelante Andalucía represents “the left fighting without fear against the two versions of the right, the brave and the meek”, alluding to Vox and the PP respectively. And it is that such forces, as he pointed out, “are not the same, but they defend the same economic program”.

As he summarily warned, the President of the Junta de Andalucía, who is seeking to reaffirm the position, the popular Juanma Moreno, is “not a moderate”, no matter how many “smiles” he sketches in his public interventions, but rather ” . a soft voice cuts taxes on large fortunes” and pursues a policy of “cutting” public services.

For this reason, he has assured that if Adelante gets representation in the Andalusian Parliament, it will not facilitate Moreno’s investiture, “because he will continue to save and bet on the private, on the Andalusia of the field and of construction”; because “Vox hopes that we will all band together against them, to present ourselves as the only alternative to the political system” and because under this premise, facilitating Moreno’s inauguration means “rolling out a red carpet for the far right so that they have an absolute majority in the upcoming elections.”

“We can’t let them pass,” he reiterated in reference to Vox, whose leaders he accused of “oppressive and violent” speeches, again referring to Olona as “Ibedrolona”.


Thus, Teresa Rodríguez called for a “vote of courage” for an Andalusia “without Madrid’s tutelage, which deserves its own political strength to defend its just claims”, like other areas of Spain; They also called for “restarting the fight against the banks, the electricity companies and the rich” and restoring confidence in “collective change”.

For his part, Miguel Urban has warned that the Andalusian elections are “a pre-season game to warm up the engines” for the big parties ahead of the 2023 general elections, particularly for Vox, he reflected.

In this regard, he has stated that Vox “emerges” from these elections because he interpreted them as “a triumphal march” hand in hand with “Macarena de Alicante”, but Adelante, in his opinion, has shown that he is not ” afraid ” in front of said force that “has no other program than hatred, support for oligopolies and privatization, this left-Andalusian coalition being the formation that Vox “rose up” with Teresa Rodríguez at the helm “out of coherence and arguments”; how as well as “making a little ridicule” on Santiago Abascal’s “potato chips”.


For her part, Angela Aguilera has warned that in Andalusia “resignation is the big problem” and although “the usual politicians” affirm that they are “the solution”, “they are also the problem”. For this reason, he defended Adelante’s acceptance of a project by the “sovereign left” that wanted “the Andalusian people to be masters of their future and their institutions”.

For her part, Marta Sánchez described the difficulties that Andalusian youth are currently facing, for example in relation to employment. For this reason he has defended Adelante’s “great commitment” to youth.

Curro Cubero recalled the re-launch of Adelante, stressing that said brand was “an open house for the entire Andalusian left”; and “the seeds of the revolution” for which he called to “vote rebelliously and not give up” and assured that for Adelante these elections are “only the beginning of the road” in favor of the Andalusian people.

For her part, Pilar González has hailed that Adelante is not “afraid of the extreme right” but rather “terrifies it by the light of the arguments” and defended that Andalusism and feminism are “the pillars of Adelante”, a force that represents the new “wave” of Andalusism promoted by Blas Infante.

In his speech, José Ignacio García highlighted the number of “young people” taking part in this left-wing Andalusian coalition, stressing that the “pushes” in the elections that Adelante is making must become “social advances”.

For her part, Maribel Mora has argued that the “strength” of Andalusia lies in its “cultural identity” based on “values ​​of solidarity and equality” without “serving capitalism”. “Our essence has much more to do with being than with having,” he defended Andalusia’s “solidarity conviviality” and emphasized that Adelante represents “the social and national emancipation of Andalusia”.

Source europapress.es

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